July 5

Work less, Live more




I’ve decided to work less and live more. So I take the last week of every month off. Weekends too.

I call that week my inspiration week,
a flex week in my schedule.
Integration time.

My business coach Shanda told me to do it 6 years ago. (It took me awhile to listen). I couldn’t figure out how. In my head there was always more to do and not enough time to get it done.

But then I took a look around and decided I wasn’t happy the way things were going. I wanted to live. To play.

So each month I create time to vision, dream,
Open space for new ideas to come in,
Refuel, nourish,
And live.

My best ideas have come out of that week.
I return inspired and fired up.
And I’m happy.

At first I didn’t know what to do with my time. I watched movies, read books and turned off. But I didn’t want to live that pattern. Work then recovery. Work then recovery.
Do you know what I mean?

I wanted to LIVE.

And not just whatever came up on my schedule or whatever I felt like. I wanted to live what inspired me. What lit me up. To actively create it.

So I started putting things on my list like planting a garden and creating sacred outdoor space, learning how to spear fishing with my son, editing my book at a coffee shop overlooking the water, camping with friends at the ocean. I created experiences that made me feel alive.

To help me to that I created an Inspiration Tree. I wrote on leaves the things that light me up, then colored them in as I did them.

Here are upcoming leaves on my tree this month:
Spend the day at a lake and float in the water
Have sushi with my sister
Go to where we speed Mom’s ashes with my brother
Hot fudge sundae with my favorite ice cream
Take a run along the ocean early in the morning
Lunch with Grandma Sage (she’s 98)!!!
Thrift store shopping with my Aunty
Family Poker Tournament

What can you do to create experiences that inspire you?

Let’s create your own Inspiration Tree to get you started:

  • Draw a tree 
  • Draw a bunch of leaves. Write things that inspire you, light you up and make you feel juicy in the leaves.
  • Each day look at your leaves and choose 1 thing that feels good to you that day. 
  • As you do each thing, color the leaf in.

So what are you doing to feel alive TODAY?
When are you creating time to live?

If you’d like to learn how to make space for juicy living, so you can...
Write that book,
Take that vacation,
Paint that painting,
Hold that circle,
Take that dance class,
Join that program,
Go on that date...

I’ll share more about how to create Inspiration (flex) week and connect you to your intuition to discover your own personalized Juicy Plan. 

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Here’s to less work, less to do’s, less shoulds,
MORE juicy living



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