December 4

I Offer This Scholarship Once a Year




I was sitting in my boss’ office for a review. I thought I should get a pay increase, but she didn’t bring it up. I didn’t want to seem greedy or pushy, so I didn’t say anything.

After I signed the paperwork, I’ll never forget what she said…
She said, You never asked for a pay increase. I would have given you one but you never asked.


It was in that moment I realized how not asking was holding me back.
That 1 decision cost me thousands of dollars.

Where are you holding back from asking?

Years later I was looking at an application for the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training. I knew in my heart I wanted to do it, but couldn’t see HOW. I just didn’t have the money.

But instead of just looking at the application and wishing (like I had the year before), I decided to fill the application out and ASK if there was a way. That 1 decision changed my life.

I not only found a way, but ASKING got me my first solo show, workshops and painting sales.
I ended up earning enough money during that year to pay off the training.
That training is the foundation for Woman Unleashed.
But I’ll also never forget Shiloh, my painting mama, being willing to say Yes.
So every year, in honor of her I offer a scholarship to the Color of Woman Training.

If you’re interested in using creativity to teach and share your gifts with others,
You’d like to enter into a personal creative vision quest, this is for you.
You can find out more here:

If you’re interested, here’s how to enter for the scholarship:

  1. 1
    Apply for the Color of Woman Training. Click on “request invitation and application” here. 
  2. 2
    In the application, when asked who referred you, say Amber with Woman Unleashed.
  3. 3
    Hit reply to this email and tell me why you’d like a scholarship, what you intend to do with the extra support and how you’d like to share this work with others. We’ll let you know in January who has won the scholarship.
If you’d like to find out more, Shiloh and I are doing a Facebook live in the Woman Unleashed group tomorrow at 10a Hawaii (12p PT, 1p MT, 2p CT, 3p ET, 8p UK, 9p Italy, 7a Sydney)

>>> Click here at that time to catch us live

If you are feeling the call, I’m urging you to ASK.



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