July 16

You Already Know




Happy Full Moon Eclipse!

I’m in San Diego leading a retreat for my clients. We’ve been looking at how to access the piece of ourselves we need in order to go to that next level.

If you have a calling, there is a piece inside of you that already knows how to get you where you need to go.

I used to be shy. Whenever I'd go to a party, I’d feel awkward talking to people, so I'd just stand by the food or go hang out in the bathroom.

But I also had a calling.

I knew I wanted to help women, to help transform others. But how could I do that if I was all by myself?

I decided it was time to start accessing that other side. 
The side that didn’t know how to talk to people at a party.
A side that was brave enough to try something new.
A side that did love connection with others.
I started getting to know that side.

She is the one who leads when I’m recording calls. She is the one who listens and inspires others with her vibrancy.

Here’s why I’m telling you this... we’re not just 1 person or 1 thing.

If you’ve been telling yourself, I’m not like this or I don’t do that, I’m inviting you to do something different to try something different.

Because when we try something different, the possibilities open up.

I’m shy AND I love to be with others.
I wanna be left alone AND I want to feel connection.

So many times we want to define ourselves as one thing or the other.
And we are all paradoxes.
We have different sides.
You get to choose which side you want to strengthen.

So let me ask you what I asked the retreat sisters, What piece of you do you need to activate more? To bring that energy in?

If it’s to Be seen, then start wearing clothes that allow you to be seen.
If it’s to be heard, start speaking up.
If it’s to put yourself out there, tap into that side of yourself that already knows how.

I welcome you. ALL of you.
And you don’t have to be 1 thing.
You’re a creative, passionate woman.
You can’t be contained.
So don’t even try. ?



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