September 10

When You Try to Do It All But Can’t




Ever try to do it all?
Maybe it’s time to let things fall apart.

The past couple weeks have been a roller coaster.
Grandma in the hospital.
Flying out to be with her.
Spending my days together.
Tracking what she’s eating, or not.
Hanging on her every word.
Telling her I love her again and again.
Sitting quietly in silence holding her hand.

There are moments I’m present
Relishing every moment,
Every breath.

And the next moment I feel like I’m falling apart.
My heart is breaking.
I feel like I’m losing my mom all over again.
But instead of being 13 and numbing the pain,
Avoiding it, I’m diving in.
And it hurts.

When I was 13 I didn’t take those last moments to tell Mom I loved her.
So I’m doing it now with her mom.

I’m walking 2 paths, caring for Grandma where the most I’m thinking about is if she’s had water,
To running a business, meeting clients, writing emails, working down the To Do List,
Most days I let myself fall apart.
I can’t do it all.

But I can do my best.
I can BE present and loving and create a wonderful environment for her transition and
I can BE committed and focused with clients and Unleashers.

And yes, some things are falling apart.
It’s taking me longer to respond to emails (sorry if you’ve been waiting on me).
I’m barely posting on social media.
I haven’t mentioned the retreat I’m leading at the end of the month.
I have a Making Money for Creatives Training that needs to be recorded.

So when you try to do it all but can’t, instead do what I’m doing...
Choose what’s most important. And let the rest go.
Let it fall apart.

Here are 4 things to do when it’s too much:

  1. 1
    Ask for help
    I’m leaning on everyone. My parents, my aunty and uncle, my husband and kids, my team, my business coach. Who can you ask for help?
  2. 2
    Be vs Do
    Instead of looking at your giant To Do list, ask yourself in the morning, how do I want to BE this day? Creative, inspired, loving, present, connected? Then BE that. Creative, inspired, loving, present, connected? Then BE that.
  3. 3
    Focus on what’s most important and let everything else fall apart
    (Already talked about that one)
  4. 4
    Daily time for you
    Every morning feels like a life-line. Whether I’m drawing, collaging or writing, it keeps me alive and connected. It can be easy in the midst of taking care of Grandma to forget about me. What are you doing every day for you?

What do you do? I’d love to hear. I’m creating a space we can share what’s working with one another.
Click here and share in our Woman Unleashed Facebook Circle.

Thank you for your love.
And whether you’re totally together
Or falling apart,
Or somewhere in between,
Here’s to diving in.


P.S. Tomorrow I’m sending you an email with a special offer announcing our next live retreat.


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