August 27

Prayers Please




I flew out Saturday to visit Grandma. My Mom’s mom. She’s not doing well.

I know this is life. She’s 98.
And my heart is breaking.

So I do the only thing I know to do,
Be here. With her.

Doing the best I can.

When I was 8, I went on a road trip to Yellowstone. One day, I remember sitting next to grandma as she painted plein air in a meadow filled with purple lupin. That’s my first memory of painting.

Grandma painted because it felt good.
She didn’t think she was an artist.
She didn’t think it would make her money,
Or change the world.

She did it because sitting in that meadow painting made her happy.

Here’s why I’m telling you this…

Your happiness influences others.

It touches your kids, your partner, family, friends,
Your clients or customers, the lady at the coffee shop.

And yet, when life is happening, and things seem to be falling apart, doing something to make you happy seems selfish.
But what other choice do you have?

When you’re heartbroken,
Or the rain forests are burning
Or kids are kidnapped and sold,
Or sacred land is sold for profit,
Or people are dying of starvation,
It seems selfish to focus on your happiness.

What if I told you, doing 1 thing every day to make you happy is THE most important thing you can do?
Personal happiness inspires change,
Motivates, inspires, influences.

CEOs, Authors, Healers, Presidents, Artists, Spiritual Leaders, Influencers, the most successful people make time for themselves daily. They start their day nurturing themselves.

What are you doing every day to make you happy?
To fill yourself up?
To suck the most juice out of life?
Out of your day?

Are you creating?
Dancing, singing, praying,
Painting, writing, drawing…

Do it.
Don’t wait!


P.S. If you pray, please send light and love for Grandma and our family. I appreciate you.

If you’d like help doing something every day to make you happy, this week I’m creating. Every day.

Come join me here.
We have prizes. We’re choosing ourselves. Choose you. Choose happy. Come.

If you are caring for or have cared for a dying friend or family member, I see you. I see the work you do and the care you give. I see you doing the best you can. I see your love. I see your heart. You are important.

Click here to join us.


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