August 15

It’s Worth It. The Create Daily Challenge is Coming!




Today is Tony, my hubby‘s 50th. I’m not doing a regular birthday party. I’m doing something amazinggg (read the end if you wanna know) and it made me think of you.

How can you add more fun, inspiration and play into your life? Instead of doing the same old, same old stuff?

I started asking myself that question a few months ago. My sister Hannah flew out to visit us for the weekend. She is known as the wild one. She brings a party wherever she goes. Once she arrived, she rented a convertible Mustang, jumped off rocks, took pictures with parrots, got 4 different kids of ice cream, boogie boarded at the beach, spearfished, swam with a shark... she had plans nonstop. I’ll never forget cranking up the stereo singing at the top of our lungs, convertible top down, hair flying while it was pouring rain on us.

Now, I’m not saying I want to go go go nonstop. Honestly, it’s exhausting and I like introspection and solitude. BUT, she CHOOSES fun. She doesn’t just let the day go by. She creates it.

So when Father’s Day came up, I could’ve done a normal dinner for my husband and his brother and father, but instead I thought, What would Hannah do?

A Father’s Day Poker Tournament!!!

The kids and I planned the whole thing as a surprise. We got a poker set with chips and cards, bought a tablecloth that looked like casino colors, and even created a poster for the tournament and prizes. They’ll never forget it. (And I won the tournament)

How can YOU create those events and experiences for yourself?
For those you love?
Bring the fun?

You have to get OUT of your comfort zone, doing things the way you always have. You have to be willing to move towards what you DON’T want to do.

When I was in California over the summer my boys decide to swim the ocean to a sand island. If you don’t know, the water in Northern California is WAY colder than the water in Hawaii. The boys swam across and wanted me to join them. My first response was, No way.

It was too cold.
The sand was so cozy and warm.
I didn’t want to get wet...
But, I pulled off my clothes, got a piggy back ride across the water, got ½ way wet and played frisbee with my kids on the sand island.

The looks on their faces were worth it. They were so excited. I was a cool mom.
And I was proud of myself for doing it. I could have stayed warm, dry... and missed that moment.

Living an inspired life is doing something different, doing something outside your comfort zone, doing something you haven’t done before. 

So much of life is doing the same thing again and again. Waking up in the same bed, going to the same job, being with the same partner, driving to the same places.
How can you shake things up?
Try something new?

So that’s what I was thinking when I came up with Tony’s birthday. What could I do that would be super special to make him feel amazing?

I decided to do 50 days, 50 surprises.

Each day for the next 50 days he’s going to feel loved and lit up, inspired to recognize the impact he’s made for others. I could’ve just done a birthday party. It would’ve been easy, comfortable...

But instead I decided to ask myself, What would Hannah do? 


P.S. Back by popular demand is the CREATE Daily Challenge.

We’re doing 5 days of creating together. We’re having prizes and getting you creating and living inspired every day.
We start next week.
It’s our next free Woman Unleashed event.

Click here to join us.



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