August 12

Creativity Transforms into Happiness




Did you know happy people are creative?

Dr. David Myers, author of Pursuit of Happiness, studied what makes happy people happy.

He found 8 qualities they all shared.

The list included things like 
having a balanced life, a spiritual foundation, close relationships, and

Creative people follow what lights them up.

They don’t let life become stale. They keep coming up with new ideas and learning new things.
And that translates into happy.
Living an inspired life.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” 
- Dali Lama

Not long ago I was going through a dark patch and spoke to a friend about how I wasn’t feeling happy.
I was looking around and things didn’t seem to have their sparkle. 
How could I get back to feeling lit up?

I decided to start with my morning practice.
I included ingredients that lit me up…

  • Creativity,
  • Spirit time,
  • Gratitude,
  • A good cup of tea,
  • Writing. 

And it pulled me out of my funk.
It didn’t happen all at once.
It was bit by bit.
Day by day. 

So whether you are happy and looking for that next level of joy, or you’re feeling low and want to feel happy again, you can start small.

What is ONE thing you can create that would inspire you now?

A small raised garden bed,
A painting of your dog,
A poem about your grandmother,
Coloring a page in a coloring book,
A collage,
A blogpost,
A dance or video or scarf?

Create. Find your happy.

Come on over to the
Woman Unleashed Facebook group and share what you’re creating this week.



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