October 9

No Regrets




Years ago I was sitting on the grass at our neighborhood park with my friend Jenni. She had just lost her Grandma. 

She shared 1 thing that made her have no regrets.
She called her Grandma.

Every week.

That day sitting on the grass I decided to do the same thing.

Right then I put it in my calendar as a standing appointment… Date with Grandma.
And every Tuesday at 8:00 am Hawaii, I’d call her.

Many times we talked about things that weren’t important, like the hot weather in Sacramento or what was on sale at the Dollar Tree. Other times she told me the same thing again and again because she had forgotten she had already told me.

Other times we talked about things really important for her… like how she worried how the family would take care of one another after she left, or the grief she still had over losing my Mom.

I kept that standing appointment with Grandma for years.

Last week Grandma passed. My heart is hurting, but I have no regrets.

One of the last things she told me was, 
Your mom would be so proud of you.

I wouldn’t have those moments, those memories without those dates.

I want to inspire you the way Jenni did me.

WHO do you want a closer relationship with?
WHO do you want to know you love them?
WHO would you have regrets over if you didn’t make the time to connect?

Put them on your calendar.

Date with _____.

You won’t regret it.

Florence Elyn Sage
February 13, 1921- October 3, 2019


P.S. Thursday is my Birthday. I’m sending you my annual Birthday email you’re not gonna want to miss.


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