October 17

I Knew




I just wrapped up an online creativity retreat Friday.
We painted, visioned, danced hula, journaled.
Sacred time to listen to my heart.
I did that retreat as much for me as for you. 

​We activated one of my favorite Woman Unleashed Powers…
The Power of Creativity
and I knew I needed it. 

I needed that medicine.
I needed that inspiration.
I needed that time.

I was talking to one of my mentorship clients yesterday. She is creating an art journaling training for women with eating disorders. And she still struggles herself. It would be easier to say… I’m not ready yet. I need to be fully healed. I need to know it all.

That’s a myth.
In order to help someone, you do NOT need to have your sh** together.

In fact, no one fully does.

Instead of teaching from “I know this already,” what if you shared your experience?

UNLEASH Daily began from me needing accountability to do my own morning practice.
Productive Creativity Mentorship began from me needing to balance my DOING with BEING.
Creativity Unleashed LIVE began from me wanting in person connection.

RELEASE Online Retreat is beginning from my own need to Release.

One of the main reasons I hear women don’t step into their calling… they aren’t “ready.”
They need to take another certification, have all the steps figured out ahead of time.
But you don’t.

You just need to be willing.
To NOT have it together.

What is 1 thing you can share from experience?

I love you.

Just as you are.
Messy. Unleashed. Imperfect you.


P.S. Last week on my Birthday I shared this. If you’d like to join us, you still can.

If you feel like you’re in the in between,
You're in transition,
Or grieving,
Or called to shed that skin you’ve been living,
I’ve put together a daylong online retreat…

We’ll look at where you’re at,
What’s keeping you there,
Unlock your energy through a release ritual,
Then activate what’s next through an initiation in paint.
This is me. All of me.
Sharing my RELEASE process with you,
Shedding my skin.
Inviting you to do it with me.

RELEASE Online Retreat
Friday November 1st*
6a-12p Hawaii (9-3p PT, 12-6p ET)
*You can join me live or RELEASE when the time is ripe for you.

I was going to charge $147.
I’ve decided to do this as a love donation.
My Birthday offering: Choose what you can pay

Once you sign up, we’ll send you your welcome email within 24 hours with your next steps and materials.
If your PayPal address is different than your regular email address, please hit reply and let us know once you’ve signed up. We want to make sure you get your welcome email.

I’m standing for RELEASE.
Release of what’s holding you back.
Release of old relationships and patterns.
Release of old dreams.
Release of loved ones who you’re ready to honor.
Release of who you’ve been to who you’re called to be.


Release doubt, Step into your knowing

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