October 22

How To Do A Spirit Walk + Feel Happyyyyyy




I wasn’t sleeping well. My babies were keeping me running all day and not sleeping all night. I wasn’t working. No one called me boss anymore. Tony was gone on the mainland. I was on survival autopilot.

I had lost me. And I didn’t know where I’d gone.

Have you ever felt that way?
So much going on that you’re just automatically moving through life not even really paying attention?

That was me for 2 years.
Surviving. But not.

I couldn’t hear my voice. My spirit. I couldn’t hear the voice I NEEDED to hear.

Life was too full.
Of others, their needs.
And I kept doing what I was doing until I just couldn’t anymore.
I was done.

During that time I found creativity AND I created a practice called Spirit Walks.

I’d get up every morning before the boys woke and go for a walk. I’d be quiet and let myself think, let myself pay attention to Spirit and set the intention of my day as the sun rose.

Some walks I found ripe avocados waiting for me on the ground, others ideas for paintings, even courage to start a business.

Things settled during those mornings.
They became the anchor for my day.

Last month when I was with Grandma, my friend Wendy and I went for a walk along a lake. And it reminded me of my spirit walks, time to listen, be outside in nature. Open to the beauty.

She encouraged me to start my morning walk practice again. So I have. Every morning I get up and walk. I set my intention to open to spirit. I watch the sunrise. Listen to the birds. Look at the ocean. Notice the clouds. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, I do my spirit walk.

If you’re wanting to feel connected to your spirit, to feel happy and a sense of peace, here’s how you can do your own Spirit Walk:

  1. 1
    Set your intention- What answer are you seeking? What do you want spirit to show you?
  2. 2
    Walk*. No listening to podcasts or music. Nothing to distract yourself. Just walk and pay attention to the messages around you. (If you cant walk because of your body, you can also sit and just watch... nature. The clouds pass, the birds, trees, etc). 
  3. 3
    Thank you. Send up a prayer of thanks for what you’ve learned, the messages you’ve received. If spirit has asked you to take action on something, do it. 

​Is there a favorite walk you take/ place you visit that puts YOU in touch with Spirit?

Come over to our FB circle and share a pic here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/womanunleashedcircle/


P.S. If you want other ways to connect to Spirit, next week I’m doing a special ritual and painting experience. It’s part of my Birthday gift to you. By donation, whatever you’d like to offer. If you haven’t joined yet, keep reading…

We’ll look at where you’re at,
What’s keeping you there,
Unlock your energy through a release ritual,
Then activate what’s next through an initiation in paint.
This is me. All of me.
Sharing my RELEASE process with you,
Shedding my skin.
Inviting you to do it with me.

RELEASE Online Retreat
Friday November 1st*
6a-12p Hawaii (9-3p PT, 12-6p ET)
*You can join me live or RELEASE when the time is ripe for you.

I was going to charge $147.
I’ve decided to do this as a love donation.
My Birthday offering: Choose what you can pay

Once you sign up, we’ll send you your welcome email within 24 hours with your next steps and materials.
If your PayPal address is different than your regular email address, please hit reply and let us know once you’ve signed up. We want to make sure you get your welcome email.

I’m standing for RELEASE.
Release of what’s holding you back.
Release of old relationships and patterns.
Release of old dreams.
Release of loved ones who you’re ready to honor.
Release of who you’ve been to who you’re called to be.


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