March 14

What I Learned From Five 10-Year Olds




Remember how you used to be as a kid?

Before you were told how you should think or act or speak.

Before you were told how to walk or dance or dress.

Before you were told your drawing wasn't good, your voice wasn't in tune, being a writer wasn't a real job.

Before you listened to it... I remember.

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy." - John Mason

Friday I took my youngest son Bodhi bowling with 4 of his friends for his 10th Birthday Party. Five 10 year old boys and me.

On the way down to the bowling alley, driving in the mini van we were listening to songs on the radio. One came on and all five of them belted out the song lyrics. It was loud, out of tune, and totally AWESOME.

No fear.

No embarrassment.

No hiding or shrinking.

Full blast!

As I was watching them through my rearview mirror I thought... THIS, this is what gets trained out of us, this originality, this uncaring, this freedom. I'm inviting you to think about/go into inquiry/noodle over this for your weekly mini retreat... 

What were you like when you didn't care yet about what people thought? 

What age did you start changing yourself for others?

What would your inner 10 year old tell you to do today?

And yes, all 5 boys beat me bowling!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

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With Love, 



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