February 5

Hurricane & Staying Open



(The Beautiful sky after the storm)


Thank you for your outpouring of love and checking in on me. The hurricane ended up breaking apart over the islands. We have Woman Unleashed sisters in Hilo and Puna affected by the floods, but everyone else stayed safe. Aaaaaand it broke up in time for Dominique’s wedding. (If you don't know Dominique yet, she's a part of our Woman Unleashed coaching team and just got hitched Sunday).

Have you ever felt like A LOT is coming up one thing on top of another?

Ballistic missile threat in January,
Volcano eruption in May,
Moving in June,
Big forest fire in July,
Hurricane in August.

I was worried. I was leaving my kids and husband to fly to Maui just as the hurricane was supposed to arrive. I had stocked the family up with top ramen and bottled water. Flashlights and candles. And I got on a plane. To lead ritual at a retreat with SARK and Amy Ahlers. To hold sacred space and them while the hurricane came. I chose to BE there. To stay grounded and open. 

You may wonder why there is always stuff that comes up.

Relationships splitting up, Family getting sick, Someone dying too young, Losing a job, Or leaving one,
And yes, fires, volcanos and hurricanes too.

(Heres a blurry photo of us amongst the Hurricane  at the wedding).

The question isn't whether these things happen.
It's how to KEEP moving, keep dreaming, keep loving, keep your heart open when these things come.

When people found out the hurricane was coming, some people looked outward. They got supplies, connected with their neighbors.  Others focused on themselves., they fought over bottled water at Costco.

How can you stay open when you're scared or overwhelmed? Connect when you want to isolate? Share when you want to hold on? Create when you want to shut down

How can you open more to love today?

Click here and come on over to the Woman Unleashed FB group.

With Love, 


P.S. For those of you worried about me and my safety choices, please know I kept an eye on the hurricane and made safe choices.


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