February 5

Showing Up




It’s early here. I’m drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea thinking about you. I wanted to write you a note before packing for my trip to Arizona for the Zone Event with my business coach. We’re gonna have a Woman Unleashed meet up. Yes, yes, yes pictures.

I was talking to one of our coaches Elizabeth yesterday about people who succeed and those who struggle. 

The difference? Showing up.

Those who succeed show up... No matter how they feel, no matter what’s going on.

Those who struggle, live in “sometimes” .
They sometimes come, sometimes don’t. Sometimes post, sometimes don’t. Sometimes book a call, sometimes don’t.
Their decisions are based on feelings.
When they feel overwhelmed or tired or down, they don’t show up.

Success isn’t based on sometimes. 
It has nothing to do with your circumstances or your feelings. It has to do with your commitment.

When I first started running my business, I ran it based off my feelings.

Some weeks I’d feel like writing a newsletter,
Sometimes I’d feel like painting,
Some weeks I’d feel like teaching,
Sometimes I’d feel like doing sales calls (mostly not),
My business was up and (mostly) down. It was based on how I felt each day.

My business changed when I realized this:

There will be days I feel like showing up and days I don’t.
Days I feel like running a business and days I don’t.
Days I feel like being married and days I don’t.
Days I feel like being a Mom and days I don’t.
Days I feel like working out and days I don’t.

What matters is my commitment.

One beloved client unexpectedly lost her husband a couple weeks ago, another was diagnosed with cancer, another was in the hospital. They are still showing up. They are still committed.

Where are you not showing up? 

For your vision?
Your creativity?
Your calling?

Where are you letting feelings take over? When you let feelings lead the way, what do you miss out on?

If you’re like I was and don’t consistently show up, no worries.

Here’s how to build your commitment / show up muscle:

  • Start by committing to 1 thing.
  • Get support to make sure you do it. Get called out if you don’t.
  • Celebrate every time you do it when you don’t feel like it.
  • When you fall off, go back to step 1.

Step by step. Showing up 1 commitment, 1 day at a time.
You’ve got this... We’ve got this.




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