February 5

For You




Thank you for the Birthday wishes. I had lunch with my mom, a pedicure and manicure, wrote some of my book, and read my latest fantasy series. A leisurely day.

Last week I was in a training with one of my coaches and he said something that really made me think. 

Resistance is FOR you.

Meaning when something feels uncomfortable, you move towards it and not away.

When you're normally shy at a party you move towards resistance and start talking to people.
When you're in a disagreement you move towards resistance and be vulnerable.
When you finish the painting you move towards resistance and post it with its price on social media?


I've been playing with this idea of resistance being FOR you. 

For your good. For your growth.  Resistance as a navigation tool to let you know how to move outside your comfort zone.

This week I feel the most resistance around reaching out to publishing contacts about my book.
I'd much rather write. Or draw. Or work on the layout.

But resistance is a giant neon flashing sign. It's telling me to open up and be vulnerable. It's telling me to reach out to my friends and colleagues. It's telling me THIS is the way.

So what if your resistance is FOR you... What would it have you do?

Come share.

Click here and come on over to the Woman Unleashed FB group.

With Love, 




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