February 5

I’ve Been Avoiding This




I’m writing you from an airplane. Flying home from the MOST powerful leadership training I’ve ever attended. The training is 3 months long. I’m 2 months in… 1 month to go.

I avoided taking this training for 3 years.

I thought…
I’ve already taken loads of leadership trainings, staff trainings.
What will they teach me I don’t already know?
I don’t need it. I’m already good.
(That’s embarrassing to write).

I listened to people who hadn’t done it and why they weren’t doing it,
I didn’t listen to people who had, whose lives were changing.
I thought, They’re drinking the kool-aid.
I wanted to be right.

3 years I put it off.
This year I finally said YES.

And in the 2 months since I started I’ve…
Written over 1/2 my book
Completed 3 years of back taxes
Created more intimacy with my husband (*wink wink*).
Done more in contracted sales in 1 month than I had the 6 months prior
Learned to do it with less stress and more fun

What have you been saying NO to that’s time to say YES to?
Something you’ve been putting off,
Saying it’s not for me,
Arguing why it WON’T work,
Don’t have the time, money, confidence,
Too old, too young, not qualified,
Arguing for your limitations, for you staying comfortable

What if instead you asked…
What if it DID work?
What if I’ve been wrong?
What if there’s something I’m not seeing?

Last week my leadership group spent 5 hours making the MOST IMPACT we could.

We (with your help) raised over $18,000 to help victims of human trafficking and we found food and delivered meals to over 350 homeless on the streets of San Diego.  In 5 hours.

As I’m flying home, I’m left thinking… how can I do that ALL the time? How can I effect my family? My local community? How can Woman Unleashed impact more lives around the world? Reach women who can’t get online? How can we bring creativity to more women?

I know I arrived here at the perfect moment to learn this lesson.

And still, there is a lingering voice in the back of my head saying, What if? What if I hadn’t been so stubborn, self righteous? What if I had said yes 3 years ago? What would be different?

But that thinking doesn’t help.

I talk to women in our community in their 60s and 70s finally giving themselves the time and energy to create and I hear it from them too… What if I had started younger?

There is still time. Louise Hay didn’t start Hay House until she was 60. Think of the millions of lives she touched through her work.

So here’s to saying YES to the things you’re avoiding,
Getting uncomfortable and arguing FOR WHAT YOU WANT instead of why it won’t work.

Click here and come on over to the Woman Unleashed FB group.

With Love, 




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