February 5

Try, Try Again




Just flew back from Maui holding ritual and space for the graduates of the Color of Woman Training with Shiloh Sophia. Met some of our Woman Unleashed sisters too! Here’s a yummy pic of us under the trees.

 I was leading ritual in Maui, my husband and boys were doing a Crossfit competition. It was the boys’ first one. I want to share something that impacted everyone during that competition. And I believe it will impact you too.

Sage and Bodhi had been training for months. Bodhi, my 10-year-old, had stopped eating sugar (not even Halloween candy) and was eating salad because he wanted to be stronger.

The boys made it to the finals. They had to row as much as they could in 1 minute, then had to do 6 feet of handstand walk before moving onto the 3rd movement. Bodhi couldn’t walk those 6 feet. He could do a handstand, but couldn’t walk far. So he tried over and over and over again.

He kept trying.
And failing.
He tried. And failed.
Tried and failed.

Bodhi tried handstand walking 10 minutes. He didn’t give up.
Everyone felt his determination, his perseverance.

He tried again and again.
People told him he could give up.
But he wouldn’t.

5 minutes in, his older brother Sage finished his workout, got down on his knees next to Bodhi and cheered him on. 

Over 200 adults cheered him on from the sidelines every time he’d take a few steps.

His failure and determination to not let it stop him inspired people.

Later people didn’t give up because of Bodhi. They said, if that 10 year old didn’t give up. I’m not going to.

That’s what we do for one another.
Your success is inspiring.
So is your failure when you keep going.
When you keep trying over and over again.
When it doesn’t work out
And you get up again,
And again,
And again.
That motivates others.

Here’s to the creative spirit within YOU who keeps going. The part of you that doesn’t give up.

The part that goes to a gallery with your portfolio even when they’ve said no before,
The part that submits the book proposal even though you’ve gotten loads of rejection letters.
The part that keeps inviting people to your workshop even though you think they don’t have the time or money.

The part within who tries again, and again and again... Even when it hurts.

When you keep going is where the magic is.
The portal.
The initiation.

Here’s to failing together. Often. And getting up again.

Freedom is on the other side.

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With Love, 




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