March 14

Comparison Sucks




Everything is good... You're satisfied, dreaming, growing. Then you start doing it.


Suddenly you're no longer unique and your paintings look like everyone else...

Your writing is mediocre,

You could be doing way better as a mom,

Could be having hotter sex,

Making a bigger difference,

Be much further along,

Should be making way more money,

Maybe could have started a podcast,

Yesterday. You did it. Compared yourself with others.

"Comparison is a thug that robs your joy.  

‚ÄčBut it's been more than tha-

Comparison makes you a thug who beats down somebody -

Or your soul."

 - Ann Voskamp

You see, when you compare, there's no more connection. There is hierarchy.

Someone better, someone less.

Someone successful, someone not.

Someone's got it, someone doesn't.

Maybe you compare and next thing you know, you're no longer content with what you have.

I do that as a mom. When I compare myself, I feel I should be doing SO much more. I should be making handmade cupcakes for my kids' birthdays and enrolling them in after school sports and paying for ukulele lessons. Or at least a tutor.

Or maybe, and this is hard to admit, you compare yourself to others and tell yourself, I'm better than them. I'm further along. I'm doing well. But when you're comparing and you come out ahead, you really don't. You just feel lonely.

So this is my invitation... a giant permission slip to pause the comparison.

To instead choose connection.

Today I'm choosing to lay down comparison as a Mom. What about you?

What comparison are you choosing to lay down?

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With Love, 



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