March 14

Volcano Eruption & Letting Go




It is an interesting thing, a living volcano. If you don't know, I live in the Big Island of Hawai'i, and Kilauea, one of our volcanos, is erupting. Yes, my family is safe. Yes, I am safe. And still the energy of destruction and rebirth is here. And my dreams remind me.

I want to share a recent dream because I believe it's message is for you too.

I was in a home by the ocean, and out of the ground crawled the volcano goddess Pele. Her hair was lava and ran down her body. She crawled slowly. I knew I had to leave. I went into the adjacent room packing my mothers old things quickly, trying to fit them all in a bag. There wasn't room. I just couldn't make them fit. I had to leave her things.

Sometimes you have to leave something to make space for the new,
let go to receive.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

10 years ago my life was hula. Performances, lei making, research, dances. A year ago,
 I stepped out of that world.

Space opened and new beautiful things came in.

I saw the change coming, and fought it. I didn't want it to come. My friends were there. It was part of me. My spirit soared when dancing.

I remember when I knew my heart of hearts it was time to go. I grieved. I cried for weeks afterwards. Feeling the loss. Missing that piece of me.

But I took the lesson that Pele, the volcano goddess, teaches…

That with destruction there is also rebirth. 

That with an ending there is also a beginning.

When I left my hula school, I had space to travel, to write my book, to work with more clients. I went to Disneyland with my kids, France with my sister, England with Tony, New Zealand as a family.

What change are you fighting?

What are you ready to release in order to make space for what's to come?

What is being destroyed in order to make room for something new?

Let it come,

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With Love, 



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