March 14

Fitting In




I’m back in Hawaii (for now)! The short version of this story is that my son Sage got into an amazing Ocean School in Kona, and Tony and I shifted our plans to make it work.

You might remember Sage… dyslexic, bullied at school, put toothpaste in my sacred water from Glastonbury. I've watched him try to find his place, to fit in. Like we all do...

He tried to be more Hawaiian. But he’s not.
He tried to be more of a jock. But he’s not.
He tried to fit in with the cool kids. But he didn’t.

Eventually he stopped trying.

He’d hang out alone with his favorite teacher, Auntie Val, and talk about fishing.

I worried. I wanted him to have friends his own age. I wanted him to feel like he belonged.
He reminds me of me, how 
I’ve tried to find my place of belonging as an artist, a mom, a business owner. And many times feeling like I never really fit into any of the boxes.

Can you relate?

If you're trying to find connection or share your work with others, it's so seductive to try and fit in. To make your work or class or business or workshop look like everyone else's. But your creativity is your secret sauce.

Your NOT fitting in is what makes it attractive.

I was watching America's Got Talent last week with my kids and I watched one girl who inspired me to be the me-est me I can be.

You can check her out here:

Watching her I remembered that 13 year old me, the part I buried because she didn’t fit in. The part that was too loud, too weird, too different. We’ve all got that part and she wants to be freeeeeeeeeeee.

It’s easy to live a caged life. 

There are those around who will tell you that you’re irresponsible or unrealistic. 

Who will tell you, "Everyone else is doing it this way. Do what they’re doing."

Who will say, "The way you dress or act or create is weird or strange or a waste of time."

Don’t listen to them.

You don’t belong with them anyways.

You belong here.

Here where your creativity and spirit, healing gifts, different and weird is celebrated.

​Where imperfection is inspiring, where abnormal is normal.

There's already a space for you. You’re part of the Woman Unleashed family. Sister, if you've been waiting for a place to belong, welcome.

Come and connect with others in our community here & share 1 thing you’re workin’ on that is YOU.

With Love, 



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