May 8

Inspire your Sisters!




For inspiration & creative teachings... 

Drink this in like nourishment for your heart. 
Gulp it if you need to.


I heard a woman becomes herself
the first time she speaks
without permission
then, every word out of her mouth,
a riot
say, beautiful,
and point to the map of your body
say, brave
and wear your skin like a gown or suit
say, hero
and cast yourself in the lead role
when a girl pronounces her own name,
there is glory
when a woman tells her own story,
she lives forever
all the women I know are perennials:
marigolds, daffodils-
soft things that refuse to die
if this poem is the only thing that survives me
tell them i grew a new tongue
tell them i built me a throne
tell them when we discovered life on another planet
it was a woman
and she built a bridge, not a border
I heard this is how you make history
This is how you create a new world

- Denise Frohman

This poem is for you.

Beautiful, Brave, Woman.
To remind you that when things don’t feel all right,
Your heart is hurting,
And no matter how hard you try,
It just isn’t working.

There is hope. There is sisterhoodThere is truth
There is a voice for love.

Yes, love. 
I love you.

If you’d like to see the spoken poem, you can watch it below.

Power to the poets. Our word artists.



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