May 8

Break Time!




When was the last time you were off? I mean really off.
No technology. No work. Nada.
If you’re retired and have plenty of time (maybe too much?), keep reading. I promise this has to do with you too.

I’m talking rhythm.

Rhythm is one of the foundational teachings of Woman Unleashed and Productive Creativity.
We live in a world OUT of rhythm.

This looks like pushing really hard with no break (unless you get sick or break down).
This looks like working on nights and weekends.
This looks like checking your phone when you’re supposed to be present with your family.

This also looks like doing a whole lotta nothing instead of the list of things you thought you’d do when you retired. Instead of writing your book or calling the circle or taking that RV trip, you’re binge watching Netflix.

Now this isn’t about guilt.

(That totally feels icky and doesn't help.) 

This is about being conscious.

If you have a pattern of overworking and burning out.
Over-giving and getting sick,
Over-committing and feeling scattered,
Over-promising and under delivering,
It’s time for rhythm.

So wherever you fall on the spectrum…

You might need OFF time.
Or you might ON time.
Everyone needs structure to their rhythm.

That might sound counter intuitive, but hear me out.

I’m a bit of a workaholic.
It sucks for my kids and hubby when I get into that mode.
I’m not present.
I make them feel like they don’t matter.
And when I’m in that mode, I tend to be bitchy.

I create a schedule to keep me in rhythm.

The past couple months I’ve worked long hours. I’ve run 3 retreats, 2 challenges, 10 free workshops, 8 Woman Unleashed Retreat sessions, sold out our mentorship program, had calls with all our clients, popped on lots of calls with women who aren’t clients just to help out.

So what am I doing?
Taking 9 days off.
(I actually wrote this Friday and cued it up… thank you technology) 

And now I’m moving into rhythm… 3 weeks working, 1 week off.
Time to give and share AND time to create and dream.

What schedule do you need?
More time OFF like me?
Do you need to be firm to make sure work doesn’t bleed into life?
Or maybe you need to schedule time ON.
Chunks of time to create or teach or DO stuff.

Here’s to finding your rhythm.

With Love, 


P.S. If you want to be in a loving relationship and you’re not OR you have a partner but it doesn’t feel much like a loving partnership, this is for you.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know my favorite relationship coach is Gladys Diaz. When I’m not communicating well with my Tony, she’s who I call. She’s been helping women find their person for years. We’re friends too so I’m always hearing about how a client just got engaged or how a couple who was fighting found their spark again.

Gladys and I cooked up something special for Woman Unleashed.
Once a year she and her twin sister Michelle do a 3 day event called Irresistible Woman LIVE. Women come from all over the world to learn how to create LOVE in their lives. Gladys and I are GIFTING you a ticket for freeeeeeeeeeee. (Yes, you totally read that right).

All you have to do is get yourself to Florida May 17-19th.

Click Here to Read More... 

If you’d like to join us, use the code: unleashed

Gladys and I shot you a video to share more AND give you some juicy relationship advice too.


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