May 14

For the Perfectionists…




There is an epidemic of perfectionism,
A beloved client reminded me.

Wanting things to be just right.
Waiting until the just right time,
Just right money,
Just right sign.

We are spending our time waiting for the just right.
There is no just right.

There are just paintings with lopsided eyeballs,
And online videos where your lighting is a little off,
And books that have misspellings,
And newsletters that people unsubscribe from,
And Facebook posts that don’t get the shares or likes.

Any movement requires IMPERFECTION.

My first painting STILL could be improved upon.

My first YouTube videos, unprofessional. See?

My first video series, sound and lighting were off,
My first program, I didn’t know entirely what I was doing when I taught it,
My first team member, I didn’t manage well.

But if I had waited until it was perfect, I’d still be waiting.
I’d still be sitting and dreaming and hoping some day to do what I wanted to do.

Perfectionism keeps you immobile.
It keeps you beating yourself up in your head.
It compares you to everyone else.
It steals your joy.

Most importantly, it keeps you from living your calling.
Because you can’t be perfect living your calling.
Your calling stretches you,
It makes you question yourself,
It makes you uncomfortable.
And perfection doesn’t live in those spaces.

So here’s to your IMPERFECTION.
And remember…

Here’s to putting something out there this week that ISN’T perfect.
Here’s to your imperfect movement!

With Love, 



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