May 24

Surrender Experiment




Have you questioned whether you’re on the right path when things feel hard?
Have you taken it as a sign to quit or pull back? I have.
But maybe I was wrong.

Maybe hard is when you’re meant to lean in, maybe it’s a sign you’re headed the right way...

I’ve been reading this book called The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer (also bestselling author of The Untethered Soul). In it he shares how after a deep spiritual awakening he decided to let go of his personal preferences and just let life call the shots. And it got me thinking...

What would it be like?... To take what’s right in front of you as a sign to do it instead of fighting against it?

How would that work? Apparently, miraculous stuff happens.

Michael liked to meditate alone so he bought property in the middle of the woods...

When people started showing up to meditate with him, even though he thought,
"I want to be alone", he decided to go with it. 
That turned into a spiritual community of thousands.

When someone decided to build a cabin on his property, even though he thought,
"This is my property and it’s crazy to allow someone to build here", he picked up his hammer and helped build it.
That was the beginning of a retreat centre with hundreds of acres.

When someone needed help building homes, even though he thought,
"I don’t know anything about building", and he started building.
That turned into a multiple 6 figure business building homes.

After buying his first computer and learning code, he had people ask him to develop programs for their companies.
Even though he thought, I’m not a programmer, he did it.
That turned into a billion dollar business.

He stopped making decisions based on what he thought.
He stopped making decisions based on what he felt like.

He just whole-heartedly said YES to what was there in front of him.

Maybe you’ve thought, If something is too hard, it must be a sign NOT to do it. Right?
What if it’s a sign to DO it?

Challenging situations create the force needed to bring about change.
The problem is that we generally use all the stirred-up energy intended to bring about change, to resist change.

Read that again.

What challenging situation is here in front of you now?

What if it’s here FOR you?

Are you working WITH that energy? Or RESISTING it?

How much are you resisting that’s FOR you?

Here’s what I’ve been resisting…

  • 2018 taxes,
  • A business program for creatives,
  • Starting a YouTube channel,
  • Running a ½ marathon,
  • International retreats,
  • Weekly online art sessions,
  • Starting a Podcast,
  • My will and trust,
  • Daily creativity,
  • My energy work

Looking at that list, I can see how it’s FOR me.

Let’s make your list.
What have you been resisting?
What challenging situation is creating the force for your change?

Now, let’s say YES.

With Love, 



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