June 14

J Lo and the Emerald City




Here’s how to create anything… just in case you were wondering:

Do your DAILY practice +
Listen to your inner wisdom +
Follow a structure/plan +
Ask for / Receive support = CREATE ANYTHING

One of the pieces to that formula that’s ignored most often, SUPPORT. 
Us creative, independent women are still learning the art of support. How to ask for it and receive it.

Most of us have no problem (over) giving it.

But here’s the thing… anyone who asks for and receives SUPPORT will succeed far beyond those who don’t. So I do my best to help my clients stop trying to do “it” on their own and instead find their support peeps.

As I teach, I’m also doing the work. While teaching, I created a Cosmic Smashbook page to help me see how I could open to the next level of support.

I started with the intention: Show me how to open to the next level of support
I wrote the reasons I don’t ask for support,
Painted over it with color,

And next thing you know (3 hours later)

J Lo is Queen of the Emerald City with 4 badass ladies on my yellow brick road

And here’s what my page wants to share with you about support:

Support is everywhere

Shoulder by shoulder support,
Where sisters catch you when you stumble,
Or cry out, broken,
Or celebrate uncensored.

Spirit support,
Synchronizing you
To the mysterious unknown,
Your sacred assignment.

And support within,
Because within you is a Queen who knows you are powerful
And a girl who isn’t afraid to play.

Open your eyes and see,
What could be possible?


Here’s to opening to your next level of support,


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