June 10

It’s Cominggggggg!!!!!!!!




I can’t wait to share what’s coming but first wanted to share something personal.

June 1st we held a coming of age ceremony for my son Sage. He’s 13. If you’ve been with me for a while you know Sage and I haven’t always had an easy relationship.

He is my teacher, stubborn and fierce. He has struggled with dyslexia and fitting in. He was bullied in school and would lash out. He is sensitive.

Last year things started turning around for him. He got into his dream school, an Ocean school here in Hawaii. He and his brother started doing CrossFit competitions and he started succeeding.

Last week we did the same coming of age ceremony Tony did when he was 13. In the ceremony each family member gave him a special gift and shared their wisdom with him. He also received a samurai sword from the zen tradition of his father’s father reminding him to be a warrior of love be brave to follow his calling. I made him a lei to wear as a crown. From the very beginning, I just cried. There was my baby I remembered struggling so much being honored at a young man.

Ever since that day, he has changed.

When I start to treat him like a boy, he (gently) reminds me,
Mom, I’m a young man now. And it reminded me of the power of ritual, how it has the power to change you. I’ve seen many women in our community changed by 1 ritual, 1 moment.

Ritual is something that our ancestors have done for thousands of years.
They knew the power.
And yet many of us have forgotten.
Behind the DOING
And technology
And running around,
There is power in the sacred.

I’m inviting you to a ritual.
On Solstice.

Are you ready for a pause?
Time to tune inwards?

Where is the 1 thing in your life right now that you’re most wanting or wanting to shift?
During ritual, we’re creating a space for you to focus on that.

And after the ritual we’re kicking off the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat so you can keep taking movement, using the energy of ritual and solstice to make those changes.

Join us here and you’ll be send details on how to join us!

Can’t wait to enter ritual together!

All my aloha,


P.S. The Woman Unleashed Retreat is the big offering we do twice a year.
This is the 10th season we’ve run our retreat. We’re celebrating. Come!
Click here to join us this season.

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