June 4

I’ve waited 7 years for this





But first…

When I started my creative business, I ran it by myself. I was flying solo. And one of the first things I did was create a website. I was told that’s how you made money. So I took a couple months and created the perfect site.

Then I hired my business coach and she told me my website didn’t really matter. There were other wayyyyyyy more important things.

Like finding customers,
And learning how to sell. 

I’d been doing things in the wrong order. 
Putting LESS important things before the MOST important things.

So for the past 7 years I haven’t focused on my website or Facebook Ads or fancy funnels. I’ve been growing my business, getting good at finding my people and selling what I love.

I’ve had to be patient.

There have been SO many times I’ve seen someone else launch their new beautiful website or online program and I’ve chanted to myself... Shiny Object, Shiny Object.

Then I’ve written it down on my Shiny Object List. So I could let it go (enough) to keep focusing on my step.

Can you relate?

You see what someone else is doing and all of a sudden you want to start doing it too... even though it’s really not what you need or want most.

I’m here to remind you there is a time for everything.
Like the bible and Peter Seeger says,

To everything,
There is a season,
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
This is your reminder to put the MOST important things first.
And be patient.

So when you see something that makes you want to change your path, chant to yourself Shiny Object, Shiny Object... and put it down on your Shiny Object List.

I’m happy to share, TODAY is the day.
Welcome to our new website!!!

I had the most amazing help with everything from vision to graphics. 
BIG mahalo to Lara and Kevin with Living Brightside Inc.  
(And if you’re on the hunt for a great website team, check them out here)

Come. I’d love to hear what you think.
And, if there’s something you’d like to see. ?

All my aloha,


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