June 24

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I’m sitting on my back patio drinking Earl Grey Tea from my mermaid cup.
I just watched the moon set.
I’m wrapping up my morning practice and wanted to share something that touched my heart this morning.

How did you wake up today?
Did you feel inspired, lit up, look forward to your day?
Or did you pull yourself out of bed, going through the motions? 

I’ve done both.
I shared a couple months ago how I went through a dark patch. I felt grey and unhappy. Lost my mojo. I’d get out of bed and I couldn’t think of 1 thing that I looked forward to.
It sucked.

My way out was creativity, energy work AND support. But that wasn’t it 100% either.

Painting every day wasn’t it. Neither was art journaling or meditating or anything else that had to happen daily.

It was following what inspired me.

Being IN spirit is inspiration. 
Being in the moment.
Following your passion,
What lights you up. 

Different days different things will INspire you.

Today it’s drinking Earl Grey Tea out of my mermaid cup, watching the moon set.
Yesterday it was painting giant arrows with red and yellow acrylic paint in my art journal.
The day before, a dance break to “Good to be Alive” by Andy Grammer.
The day before that, doing my Energy Medicine healing work on myself.

So how do you live a more INspired life.
Create an INspiration List (aka Juicy List)

Take 2 minutes and write the following down:

  • What lights you up? 
  • Feeds your soul?
  • Makes you feel alive? 
  • Makes you look forward to waking up? 

Let’s add more of that in.
1 dose of inspiration at a time.
Imagine a world full of INspired, lit up, juicy women.
Let’s create that.

It starts with you.
And me.


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