November 5

Your Time Will Come




I had been fiddling with the sewing machine over an hour and still wasn’t sewing. I couldn’t find an empty bobbin. The machine would turn on but the pedal didn’t work. I had read the instruction manual at least 5 times. Flipped a lot of switches. And my kids were asking me questions about science homework.

I just needed to sew my hula skirt.

I had the material laid out, all pinned and measured.
I was ready.

I spent 90 minutes trying to figure stuff out.
Then, (literally) with the flip of 1 switch, I was sewing.
30 minutes later, my skirt was done.

Here’s why I’m sharing this:
Sometimes it feels like you’re not going anywhere,
Or you’re in slowwwwwwwww motion, obstacle after obstacle in your path.
After awhile you get to questioning whether you should be doing what you’re doing at all.

This is when it’s common to give up.
But, what if that’s *right* before the magic happens?

Energetically when you are putting in time and energy, you’re laying the foundation.
You’re building up, tanking up, laying the foundation…
You’re about to explode (in a good way).

I see this with my clients all the time. Maybe they are struggling to be inspired and then they paint 10 paintings in a row or they are struggling to fill a workshop and in 3 days it sells out. From the outside it looks like they are spinning their wheels. But then all that energy lines up and 1 things shifts and, BOOM! Lift off.

So whether you’re writing a book, and it’s taking foreverrrrrrr,
Planting an herb garden, and the drip irrigation system isn’t working,
Painting a series, and can’t quite get it right,
Putting together a woman’s circle, and no one is signed up,
Here’s to keeping the faith,
Taking the next step.

Your blast off is coming.

Here’s my sewing blast off… my hula skirt all done!

Have an inspiring story of when things didn’t seem to be working then all of a sudden something shifted and they DID?
I’d love to hear it. Come on over to our Woman Unleashed FB Circle and share.

Let’s inspire our sisters who need to keep their faith.



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