July 29

My Son Knocked His Tooth Out




So while traveling Bodhi knocked his tooth out.

We were at a gym and he was practicing for his upcoming CrossFit competition. As he was moving weights he decided to push a button... next thing you know, he’s standing with his front tooth in his hand, root and all.

This is the same kid who got stitches in his chin last month.

I didn’t know what to do.
So I googled- What to do when a tooth falls out
And I called our medical insurance
And our dental insurance
And local dentists. 5 of them.
And found someone live to speak with on the phone.

So we figured it out and stuck the tooth back in...
then the guilt came.
should have been next to him.
should have told him again not to touch stuff.
should have a traveling dental plan.
should have been a better mom.

And then I remembered...
He’s fine.
He’s gonna be ok.
I did my best.
Millions of people have knocked their front teeth out. 5 million a year actually. (I googled it.)

When guilt comes or you feel that should voice take over, it’s time to remember.
Remember you did the best you could at that time.
Because you did.

Emotions aren’t just to stew in.
They are to feel and use as fuel. ?

So if you feel bad your kid knocked out his tooth,
bad for not writing or painting, or taking time for yourself,
For not getting started sooner,
For not doing as well as you could have,
For not being more ________,
Use it.

To pick up the pen now,
Turn on the music now,
Write the post now,
Kiss your partner now,
Launch the course now,
Do your meditation now.

And Bodhi’s fine. Just bummed he can’t wrestle his brother.

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