November 19

Don’t Belong




​​I’ll never forget being told I wouldn’t go to Merrie Monarch (the olympics of hula) because I didn't have the right look.

I had trained with my group 10 years. 20+ hours a week for the competition.

My alaka’i (leaders) said my dancing was flawless.
I had the right spirit. 

What I didn’t have... the look.

Being told you don’t belong sucks. 

Maybe like me you’ve been told you don’t belong.
Maybe you’ve always felt like you don’t fit in, no matter how hard you try.

I get it.
As an artist and CEO I live in 2 totally different worlds.

One focused on flow and inspiration, another on production and profit.

It’s hard to fit inside the box.
What if there is no box?
What if you make your own box?

One area I’m decidedly out of the box is my relationship with Spirit.

I’m a Christian Priestess Medicine Woman.
I love Jesus.
I connect to the Priestess lineage of Avalon.
I follow the Native Traditions of Hawaii.

It doesn’t seem like it fits, but it fits ME.

What if we admitted we ALL don’t belong and that’s what makes us belong?
NOT fitting in.

If you’d like to claim what makes you NOT fit in with me, come on over to our Woman Unleashed FB Circle and share.

Don’t belong with me.



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