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With Sacred Sexual Empowerment and Body Confidence coach,
Jena La Flamme
Materials: Woman Unleashed journal, Things for the 5 senses. Something to taste, smell, touch, hear, and look at, coloring goodies, beverage of choice
After you watch the session come over to the Woman Unleashed Sisterhood.
Share what came up for you during the 5 Senses Reality Ritual #sacredpleasure
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is a leading Sacred Sexual Empowerment and Body Confidence coach.

Her teachings show that pleasure is not a contradiction to a healthy, fulfilled life, but an absolutely necessary, essential ingredient. Jena’s mission is to spread the knowledge that our bodies are sacred and so is our pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. She preaches that when we embrace these dimensions of ourselves with trust, self-love and dedication, our lives flourish.

Through her private coaching, eCourses, movement journeys, meditations, transformational workshops and ceremonies, Jena helps women reconnect with their bodies as wise, intelligent, intuitive, pleasure-loving animals.

During her ten year struggle with food, weight, and bad body image, Jena despised her body and was highly suspicious of pleasure in general. This lasted until she discovered that her issue wasn’t that she was having too much pleasure, it was that she wasn’t having enough! As she learned to trust the wisdom of her body and to trust pleasure, including her sensual and sexual appetites, she came to peace with food and her body confidence soared.

Since embracing pleasure as a discipline and guiding principle in her life, Jena devoted herself to showing women around the world how to be in tune with the innate, pleasure-loving, sensual wisdom and sexual genius of their bodies. She takes a fierce stand for all women to feel at home in their skin and take pride in themselves and their sensual and fierce feminine nature.

Jena is also a weight loss expert, and published author of Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets of Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today.

Jena’s unique approach to pleasure, sensuality, sacred sexuality, body confidence, pleasurable weight loss and pleasurable living, have made her a much sought-after teacher.

She has been featured in Elle, Glamour, The New York Times and Prevention magazine.

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