Materials: A sheet of paper or journal page, magazines for collage, glue stick, scissors, ruler
After the session, share your collage image and what came through for you
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As an Artist, Healer and Artaeomythologist, Telling stories and helping others to heal is at the core of who I am and what I feel called to do. It embraces all that I am inspired to share with the world”.

ArtMythos, is a part of several projects and narratives. As a Mixed Media Artist Robyn tells stories and encourages others to do the same through the visual context. “As a Healer and Reiki Master I help others to shed old stories and help encourage them to be replaced by stories that are empowering and/or self directed and not be burdened by cultural mores and family histories.” As an Artaeomythologist, Robyn leads Retreats and Workshops that combine the Visual Arts, Idea Generation and Book arts to help participants find their voice their story, to be able to move forward and recognize a more authentic artistic experience.

"Robyn has dedicated most of her life to seeking and sharing the answers to life's most mystical questions...who are we, where are we & why are we here? In her quest to find answers she studied and worked as an ArtaeoMythologist for the past 30 years teaching at the Smithsonian Institutions and Corcoran Galleries. She has combined her archeological adventures and knowledge of historical symbols and icons formulating theoretical research in the areas of human consciousness. All her field research and museum experience amplified her spiritual insights with great depths of perception and innerstanding. Her latest line of research combines her three passions - field research, art & spirituality. With particular focus on shapes, sounds and symbols and their effect on human consciousness.
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