Somatic Movement Meditation: Inner Spaciousness with Yielding and Rocking

Kaila June - founder of SomaKinese School & developer of Somatic Groundwork
Materials: Woman Unleashed journal, comfortable clothes and a beverage of choice
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Share your somatic grounding experience. What is 1 thing you noticed in your body?

Kaila (Kay-la) June is the founder of SomaKinese School and developer of Somatic Groundwork, an approach to natural movement and creative expression. Kaila has dedicated her life to using movement as medicine and her approach has emerged through a systems science, co-creative, somatic way. Kaila is a dance-artist, registered somatic movement educator and corrective exercise specialist. She calls herself a movement teacher or somatic movement guide and identifies as queer, cisgender and white-bodied. She lives in the unceded lands of the Shoshone/ Bannock peoples near the Boise River known on today’s map as Boise, ID, USA.

Drawing from somatic movement education and weaving research from the fields of exercise science, biotensegrity, neuroscience and the healing arts, Kaila is totally vested in the art and science of movement education as a vehicle for planetary change. She has taught and designed curriculum for collegiate, vocational and studio programs for fitness professionals, yoga teachers and dance educators. Kaila is an experienced 1:1 practitioner and has helped many people heal, repair and improve performance. She has danced and performed around the USA and in South America with various dance companies and performance arts collaboratives including the artistic work with her sister in Daughter Cells Dance. Her most recent learning project is as a co-creator with the slo-podcast, Emergent LIberation Collective.

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