Welcome to your RETREAT

The retreat is no longer running live, but we've kept up a sampling of retreat sessions for you to enjoy from some of our amazing guides. 

Step 1 : Check your email 

We've just sent you an email with retreat details and next steps. If it's not there, click here to get help or reach out to us at support@womanunleashed.com and we'll get you settled in.

Step 2 : Join The Circle

Our virtual retreat space will be held in our Woman UNLEASHED Facebook Circle. This is where you'll find women retreating from all over the world. We are an inclusive community. If you identify as a woman, you are welcome to join our virtual circle. Our circle is also where you can find the retreat guides. If you're looking for more connection, find us here. 

You do not need to join the Woman Unleashed Circle to participate in the retreat.
Your retreat. Your way.

Step 3 : Make Space 

Time to create space for the retreat. We'll send instructions on ways to make a retreat environment in your home before we begin.

For now, let's make space in your calendar. There are 3 ways to enjoy the retreat:

We'll run the retreat over the Solstice weekend June 19-21 from 10a-8p ET. Carve out these 3 days and let's do the retreat sessions live together. Click here to find local times.

After retreat sessions air, you'll be able to watch any sessions at any time through the end of the month. You can do 2 sessions a day or simply watch the sessions that call to you. Feel free to do what nourishes you best.

If you'd like the freedom to watch the sessions anytime, you're welcome to click here to head back to the VIP invitation for unlimited access. 
You choose. 

We invite you to take a moment and make space for you and the retreat in your calendar now.

Step 4 : Bring a Friend 

Doing this retreat alone is magical. Doing it with friends and family is powerful. This year we decided to create a Bring a Friend Contest.

Invite friends using social media and you’ll be entered to win a gift from one of our speakers. We have art classes, books, oracle decks and more.  Each day we pick a new winner. That’s it.

Simply copy and paste the words below (or your own) into a Facebook or Instagram post: 

I found this online solstice retreat called Woman Unleashed. Imagine doing a retreat with art, meditation, energy activations, movement, but all from home. Retreat sessions are led by guides from all over the world. It looks fun. I’ve been looking for a way to connect more with my creativity and Spirit. It’s free and I wanted to share. It would be so fun to do together. You can register here: https://womanunleashed.com/wu14/ Let me know if you’re coming! #womanunleashedfriend

That’s it. Make sure and have #womanunleashedfriend in your post. (That’s how we’ll track you.)

Looking forward to our journey,
Amber & The Woman Unleashed Team

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