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MIRABAI GALASHAN - Community Director at Woman Unleashed
Materials: Woman Unleashed journal, and coloring goodies
Optional: Dress up in an outfit or bring an item that feels magical to you
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Share your gift and any information that came in for your magic. Images welcome.
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Mirabai is Community Director at Woman Unleashed. She is a coach, therapist and wild dolphin swim guide who works with creativity and neuroscience to help people who want to feel, be and do more good in their lives. She has been a facilitator for Woman Within for 23 years.

Mirabai is a former journalist and hospice chaplain, the author of guided meditations, and a spiritual performance artist. In her piece called The Love Seat, she became a global nomad for a year and traveled the world with an inflatable love seat and a sign that said "would you like to be held?". She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.

You can find out more about Mirabai's work on her website at MIRABAIGALASHAN.COM

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