The retreat is no longer running live, but we've put together a weeklong retreat for you from some of our favorite guides. 

Step 1 : Join The Circle

In our Woman UNLEASHED Facebook Circle is where you’ll meet other women walking the Woman Unleashed Path. This is where we'll be connecting in our virtual retreat space.

***Note: You do not need to join the Woman Unleashed Sisterhood to participate in the retreat. Your retreat, Your way.

Step 2 : Check your email 

Open your email to find your welcome email.
If it's not there, click here to get help OR 
reach out to us at support@womanunleashed.com and we'll get ya settled.

Step 3 : Start Retreating 

You can start your  retreat now by creating your retreat journal. Your journal is going to be your container. We’ll do art processes, journaling, visioning and planning here. This is your book of possibilities. Your dream place.

Gather the following materials: Composition book (or any journal), glue, scissors, yarn or ribbons, old magazines, crayons, markers, any other coloring goodies.


"See" you there!


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