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Mariabruna Sirabella, Lead Trainer SoulCollage
Materials: Woman Unleashed journal, card making materials: scissors, glue, a blank base, images from magazines or calendars, or your own photos. Images should include landscapes or abstract images that inspire in you a sense of spaciousness. Then have a few other images of people, animals, objects resonating in you with beauty, peace, magic, mystery. Add any other optional art materials you like. 
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Mariabruna Sirabella, born in Italy, adopted by India, naturalized in USA, perceived the world as her playground and humanity as her family since childhood. She spent years in tribal Southern India as a Theater Anthropologist studying eastern spirituality, Yoga, traditional theater, tribal rituals, and healing trance dances. A licensed clinician, she also taught in various higher education institutions. As Lead Trainer for SoulCollage®, she finds the method an enduring source of truth, guidance, and an effective universal language. Founder of the nature-based School Of The Origins, Mariabruna teaches internationally, bringing to the plate over 30 years of passionate practice as a researcher, educator, and mentor.

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