I've had a vision that Woman Unleashed becomes a global movement. 
The way to do that is for me to get out of the way. 
To really UNLEASH our women. Our leaders. 

So I thought of the women I'd most like to work with,
women who inspire me and to invite them to create this movement together.
That's you.

I received clarity on my business plan and how I wanted to share my work out in the world. This clarity is bringing my ideal clients in.

For me this meant my income doubled from last year.

I wouldn't have been able to do that without the support of Amber and her team.

Dominique Peters

Productive Creativity Mentorship Client

Here's how the contest works...

Invite your friends, clients...

Think about who could use a retreat. A woman who could use time to tune inwards, to listen to her heart, a woman who wants to tune into feminine rhythm...

It could be friends, family, clients, co-workers, your community from your mailing list. There are women everywhere who are praying for something like this. Now.

Win Prizes

Each week and throughout the contest, the woman who invites the most women who sign up will win prizes. I thought of the most amazing, juicy prizes I could think of that would help you with YOUR business, with YOUR offering.

We're creating a win-win.

Here's how to play

1) For the next 3 weeks, from February 5- February 26, invite your friends, clients, and family to our Hawaii Retreat.

2) Each week we'll choose the weekly prize winner based on who has the highest number of women signed up for the retreat from that week at Tuesday 8p Hawaii.

3)  At the end of the contest we'll have a Grand Prize and 2nd place winner based on total # of women signed up over the 3 weeks.

Prizes will be awarded at/after the retreat based on # of women who attend.

Your Prizes

Needing some support with your strategy for the year? This may be sales or team and planning. Use this day to create your year plan and implementation strategy for next quarter (ie. 1 offering or email sales sequence, etc).  Strategy from VIP Days has brought clients to  6 figures and 6 figure clients to multiple 6 figures.
Value $7500


Partner webinar with Woman Unleashed Community. Sale your products/services to our Woman Unleashed community and learn the steps on how to do a partner webinar.
Value $5000


A 1 hour strategy session with me- $1500 value

Dinner out during the retreat- Dinner and strategy $2000 value*

Solo email to Woman Unleashed community for your offer (I will help you craft your offer)- $2500 value

*For our sisters not attending the retreat, we'll do a 1/2 VIP day. 

Info for the Contest

Here is the retreat sales page link where women can find out more about the retreat:

When you invite women, you're able to invite them at a special rate of $197 (Regular $497).
Your BAF only *special* code is UNLEASHNOW

Once a woman signs up, email so we can count her in your weekly total. We'll be sharing where we're at with numbers throughout the week via email so you can see.

During these 3 weeks I'm offering mentorship and coaching for those who want to go deeper. We'll be celebrating yeses and talking enrollment. Use what you're learning during this mentorship for your own offerings and sales. This is offered via a Voxer group (an app). If you'd like to be a part of the group, message me via Voxer @amberkuileimailani

Promotion Materials

Here is email copy you can use/adjust in your own words:

Subject line: say Yes

(Share some of your story here of a time you felt called by Spirit).

Shaking inside, I said Yes.

Spirit has called me to
Lead women’s circles,
Hold ritual,
Activate and initiate women.
Call women into their next level,

Even when I’m judged or misunderstood.

I couldn’t do it on my own.
I’ve needed Spirit. Collaboration. Co-creation. Surrender.

What is Spirit calling you to?
What stirring are you feeling?
Are you surrendering or pushing it away?
Are you open to the invitations?
Are you open to receive?

Wherever you are, I get it.

For years I ignored the call to step in the energy of Priestess to initiate.
Times I’ve made myself right and others wrong to feel better.
Times I’ve told myself I was better than others instead of making connections,
Times I’ve focused outwards instead of inward.

But time is shortening.
Our time is now.
You are needed.
To be what you are called toward.

Women need to be seen,
To be heard,
To share our gifts, our creations, our teachings, our wisdoms.
We need one another.

So I’m putting out the call.
The call to embrace ALL of you.
To embrace ALL your calling.
ALL your pieces and parts.

You are ALL welcome and when you activate ALL of you,
You have access to more energy, power and Spirit.

So what piece are YOU called to embrace and activate?
What is Spirit calling you into next?

If you'd like to step into the Yes,
Into the allowing, the surrender,
I have an invitation for you.

Last year I attended the Woman Unleashed LIVE Retreat.
It woke something up in me.
I want to invite you.

The retreat is on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
February 28-March 1.
Regular price is $497.
I have a couple tickets I can gift for $197.
Is one of them for you?

If you're interested, click here to check out the retreat:
Then, if  you want a ticket, simply hit reply to this email.
If there is still a spot, I'll give you my discount code.

I hope you say Yes.

Here are promotional images for the event