Ready to discover your creative purpose?
Unleash your feminine powers?
Share your creative
gifts with the world?


Our Programs


 Woman Unleashed  supports their clients to activate their creative power, and get creating. We believe EVERY WOMAN has a unique creative gift and self expression is the path to freedom.


Whether you have trouble getting started, you’re stuck partway through the creative process or you just can’t seem to finish what you start, we help get you into creative flow. We’re fans of completion. So whether you want to complete that book, painting, workshop or webpage, we support you across that finish line.


Use your creative gifts to make money and make a difference. Want to sell your artwork?
Teach workshops? Start an online creative business? We know how to translate business into something creatives can understand.


You’re invited on a journey to tap into your creative side… I’m currently offering this 4-pt at home mini-retreat, a $249 value, for FREE for you. My love offering. Say YES and let’s get started

Woman Unleashed Solstice online retreat

Create on-going nurturing.

This FREE Solstice Retreat is an immersion to align you with your intuition, creativity and purpose.

Productive Creativity Mentorship

Spend the year launching your creative dream.
(*Application only)

A year-long immersion for women artists & entrepreneurs who desire to develop a creative legacy or build a creative business. Come share your work with the world and step into creative leadership.

Creativity UNLEASHED Live Retreat

Imagine 2 days together with Amber and a small, intimate group on a private estate...

Dreaming, visioning, planning your year together

What could be possible?
What could we create together?

What Folks Are Saying...

Amber helped me gain the confidence to lead 2 painting retreats, gain 4 private paid clients, create online videos, be interviewed, and offer regular weekly soul paint classes. I am also grateful for my goddess paintings which I am truly proud of. Thank you Amber!

~Lara Printz

I am so grateful to Amber for this incredible year of productive creativity. My project was to step into getting my artwork seen and sold. I am thrilled to have sold 5 sculptures, 5 small paintings and I have had 4 shows. I am so much more confident as an artist, as someone getting my work out there! Deep Gratitude!

~Julie Mae Pigott

I wanted to sign up for the Productive Creativity program because I loved what I saw Amber doing online. My project at the beginning was to start my online offerings, but instead I worked on in person workshops. I now feel a sense of assurance I'm moving in the right direction.

~Catherine White-Gardner

Free Creativity Retreat

You're invited on a journey to tap into your creative side...
Enjoy this 4-pt at home mini retreat… a $249 value, free for you.

My love offering.

Say YES and let’s get started...