You have a  

Creative Idea

(or a gazillion)
but can’t get it OUT of your head
INTO the world

I can help you with that.

If you’re reading this page, chances are high, like the hundreds of women I’ve worked with,

you want to make money using your creative gifts but can't figure out how.

No one knows about you, your business, book, art, workshops...
Your creative idea might still be in your head.

You've got Shiny Object Syndrome 
You start something and then are off to the next and next and next…
and never finish anything.

What you need is someone to help you get moving, to focus on what’s most important. You need someone to help you get productive with your creativity. And if that’s what you’re thinking, I’ve got ya covered. Because that is exactly what I do.


Aloha, my Name is
Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici 

(yeah, I know its a mouthful).

Seriously though, does this sound familiar?

When it comes to getting creative and getting your work into the world, you’re:

STUCK at the beginning with an idea (and not much else).

OVERWHELMED by trying to do it ALL… and getting burnt out.

UNCLEAR which idea to choose (what if it’s the wrong one and you’re stuck with it forever and waste time?)

SPINNING YOUR WHEELS trying to make money or share your work with more people. You just can’t seem to get momentum.

You want to  get your work out there because you:

Certified Health Coach

FEEL CALLED. It's your time.

You want MAKE MONEY using your creativity

Believe your work can iMPACT OTHERS.

DON'T WANT TO WAIT another month, year or even day. You’ve been doing that already.

Realize your creativity is important and ESSENTIAL TO YOUR HAPPINESS.

Or maybe you think it would so much FUN to hang out with a creativepreneur, hula dancing, artist like me.

If any of the above sound like you, keep reading…

I've got a
(creative) solution for you.

It’s called the Productive Creativity Mentorship Program and it will help you:

  • Get CLEAR which idea to follow
  • DO IT when you get scared, overwhelmed or unclear...
  • FINISH what you start

That looks like:

MORE MONEY Because you're getting your creative work out there.

MORE IMPACT Because people see your art, read your book, come to your workshop, take your program.

MORE HAPPINESS Because when you’re doing what you love, happiness follows.

MORE TIME Doing what you love instead of just thinking about it.

LESS FRUSTRATION No more spinning your wheels. You've got someone who has been there, done that. No need to figure stuff out on your own.

You don't have to take my word for it...

Elizabeth Foley

Thanks to Amber's guidance I just launched my first online Art Journaling class and had over 50 people sign up! No way I could have done this on my own. Now I have a clear solid plan for the next 3-5 years.

Within the past year of Productive Creativity I’ve doubled my income in my coaching business. I’m receiving more clarity about my business which is bringing my ideal clients in. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the support of Amber and her team.

Dominique Peters

Millie Mellgren

After “playing” at writing my book for over 7 years I finally am following a plan and writing daily.  Getting it done at last! I progressed more in 7 weeks than I did the last 7 years. It’s unbelievable that I never prioritized my writing time in a disciplined way before.  Amber’s guidance, focus, encouragement and calling me out when I’m not on task has helped me actually turn into a real writer rather than someone playing at being a writer.

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Here’s what you get...


We meet the first 3 weeks of the month for our group session. Each session is 1 hour.

Imagine meeting in circle with women from all over the world… each with their own project. I'll lead you through creative processes to get (and keep you) moving. We'll create art, journal, paint, and each week dive deep into what stops you.

Each week I'll share the thinking behind how I've built a creative life and business. This is your foundation. You'll also have time to ask questions and get coaching around your project. I'm yours. 

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Certified Health Coach

The most important thing to keep you moving is consistent support and accountability. That’s why we’ve build private coaching into this program. Every other week you’ll meet with your Woman Unleashed coach.

  • Need a personalized action plan?
  • A loving kick in the pants?
  • Accountability to finish what you start?
  • Coaching if you're stuck or scared?
  • Support to get clear and listen to your inner wisdom?

Our coaches are previous clients who know how to help create a structure that will get you in creative action, not just any action, but what makes the most sense for you and your rhythm.


Ready for a deeper level of transformation?
Join me and the others in our group for two 3 day intensive trainings. 

There is plenty we can do online, but there is *magic* that only happens in person. Get ready for fun and explosive growth.

All excursions and experiences included. (I'm not telling you what they are because I LOVE surprising you).


Get coaching anytime in our PC Facebook Circle. We’re in this together.

We need each other when times get tough, when our friends or family don’t understand what we are doing. This community is your positive support, a safe space when you hit a rough patch or need someone to hold your vision. AND a place to vision together, to get ideas and feedback on your project.


As a mentorship client, you get access to EVERY class, workshop and teaching I've created. You get it all. I’ve created an entire library of resources to support you...

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There are programs to awaken your creativity, 
ART journaling and painting classes,
Trainings to develop your DAILY practice,
How to fill & run PROFITABLE workshops and retreats,
How to build an online TRIBE,

Each year I add more. This vault is only available for PC sisters.



Each year, I offer a multi day non-residential retreat to the general public. We paint, dance hula, art journal and AWAKEN our creativity and get CLEAR on our project for the year. As my beloved client, come to the retreat and bring a friend... for free.

In other words, you have everything you need to Do and Share your creative work AND...


There are people waiting. Waiting to read your book, buy your art, join your program, take your workshop, work with you privately. Create income or grow your business in a way that is uniquely YOU, that honors your creative gifts.

Use your creativity. It's a gift. 


When you're in front of more people, you can impact more people, sell to more people, let more people know about your workshop. Stop being the best kept secret and get yourself OUT into the world.  


Those things you’ve been putting off… they suck your energy. The more you DON’T do something about them, the heavier you feel. This year free that energy up. Create. Share. Watch what happens. 

MORE TIME for what you love

There is a belief… the more you do, the more you’ll get done. This is far from true. It is about working smart, focusing on the most important things. 

When you’re working with someone who has done it, you can reduce the “figure it out” time. That means more time for creating and joy. Less time in frustration and stuckness. I’ll help you focus on what’s most important.

More Creativity

Structure, accountability and support allow for MORE creativity.

Instead of trying to fit your creative work in (and then not because it falls behind dishes, kids, sick parents or work),

 We’ll create a DAILY practice to get and keep you moving… no matter what life throws at ya. 

Apply now!

Be the first to sign up to   the Productive Creativity Mentorship Program.

Certified Health Coach

Lacey Johnson finished traveling the world and didn't want to go back to corporate. Four years ago she had an idea to start a photography business. Since working together, she's built her love of photography to a full time business doing infant portraits, family, business lifestyle style and weddings. She just accepted her first International Destination Wedding and is now earning on track to hit $100,000.

Karen Abend loved creating... everything. She painted, wrote, draw, illustrated, did collage. She had given up pursuing her art when her Dad got in an accident. After he passed, she knew it was time to go back to her art. She just didn't know what to do. We focused on 1 thing at a time. During our 3 years in PC Karen has shown several pieces in an international art show, opened her Etsy store for her illustration work, licensed her work, collaborated with a yoga teacher to create a book using her art. Most recently, she has grown Sketchbook Revival, an online community to 15,000

Certified Health Coach

Kate Watson didn't know what she wanted to do. She knew she had a calling, just didn't know what it was. A closet mystic, she started tapping into her spiritual connection but couldn't decide whether to start a virtual assistant business for spiritual business owners or start a business as a spiritual travel guide. Within 1 week of getting clear on her creative calling, she had 3 clients.

Certified Health Coach

Misty Olsen

Misty dreamed of filming her classes on bookbinding and sharing her creative gifts with others online. Life just seemed to get in the way... for 10 years. Within 4 months of working together, Misty had filmed over 200 instructional videos and put together 2 collaborative partnerships with other online instructors. She is now pursuing her BIG DREAM to write and illustrate children's books.

What’s covered during the year?

Once you’re accepted in the Productive Creativity Program, you’ll get a call from our team to make sure you’re settled and get you ready to begin. At the beginning of the program, you’ll have a 1-on-1 Intake Call. During that call we’ll see where you are now, where you want to go and create a plan to get you there. This is when we set up your year plan and look at what we need to focus on in order for you to start AND finish your creative projects.

During the year we focus on the 4 steps to help you start, stick with and finish your work:


Before you create anything, you need the energy to do it. If you get scattered, unsure, unclear, overwhelmed or can't seem to get (and stay) moving, you have an energy problem. We are going to build you up so you have the energy to do what you want AND follow through. This is about taking action that fills you up.


Next we turn our focus to structure. If you have a tendency to burn out or put your attention on things that don't matter (and don't bring results), it's time for some structure. This is going to KEEP you moving when life shows up. Structure helps you take action that builds momentum.


Creating is about more than doing the work, it is about listening deeply, to allowing support, to letting it flow, letting it be easy. This step will help you learn to trust yourself (and your decisions). It will help you open to receive support.


Finally we manage, focus and delegate… so you complete what you start and spend time in your genius. We’ll make sure you start AND finish your project. No more chasing after shiny objects. When things get tough, we’ll learn how to keep moving.

Sage Adderley

Sage Adderley came to Productive Creativity already knowing her stuff, having been in the book distribution business for years. During her time in Productive Creativity, she produced 2 online writers events, Finding the Writer Within, grew her client over 1,000, and is close to filling her private practice.

When Jillian McGill started painting, she was afraid to share her work. Within 1 year in Productive Creativity, she was sharing it online and started teaching her 4th and 5th grade students art. A few months after that, she was teaching workshops for parents and kids. Her first workshop she had 32 people! She's gone from being scared to share her artwork to teaching it!

 Jillian McGill 

Sharan Ro

Sharan Ro has a dream to shift education for children, to teach them more than reading and writing, but Hawaiian values. After decades as a consultant to large organizations leading strategic planning and development, leading large events and supporting at local schools, Sharan started writing children's books. During Productive Creativity while caring for her aging parents, she wrote 12+ children books.


Applications open

I'm Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici.

I live in Hawai’i with my husband and 2 boys. I enjoy writing, painting and swimming with dolphins.

I love all things creative but it didn’t used to be that way.

In grade school I was told I wasn’t creative so I shelved my love for art and writing and got practical… graduated with my degrees and managed a 7 figure business. Then had some babies. As a stay-at-home mom, I woke up one day wondering where I went. I couldn't remember ME anymore. I decided to start doing what I loved.

Within 2 years of picking up a paintbrush, I was selling tens of thousands of dollars of my award winning artwork around the world. I started 3 businesses, brought my business online and now run a multiple six figure creative business serving a tribe of 30,000+ women around the world.

As a creative, I’d swing between being highly PRODUCTIVE, driven and focused, missing my joy and overworking... to being highly CREATIVE, in my joy and flow but not getting what I wanted done. At one point I was overworking, pushing and…I got sick… like 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia, lucky to be alive sick.When my son Sage came to visit me at the hospital, he started crying. He was so scared. Here I was in the hospital bed with oxygen tubes to help me breathe, an IV to give me my medicine. I opened my arms and he crawled onto my lap. As I held him crying, I thought, NO. This isn't worth it.

There HAS to be another way.
That’s why I created the
Productive Creativity
Mentorship Program.

I looked around and noticed I wasn’t the only one struggling. Women tend to OVERwork or OVERgive and put themselves and their creative gifts at the bottom of the list. That’s why I created the Productive Creativity Mentorship Program.

I’ve taken everything I learned in 20 years of business experience, 8 years of creativity, 6 years in the online world and turned it into a yearlong program to help you birth, share and make money with your creative work.

Your work, your way. Ready to find out what that is?

Lara Printz

In 1 year Lara Printz held 4 soul art painting classes for over 70 participants and had 4 private clients. She was interviewed for 2 online events and created an online Mini Sparkle Camp. She is currently launching her first online program the Rainbow Path.

  Julie Mae Pigott

Julie Mae  decided to take her love of sculpture and share her work with others. Within a year she was accepted as a 3D artist at a local art gallery, completed 10 sculptures in 5 weeks, launched her website and sold 15 sculptures, a few small paintings and organized a studio show.

Jennifer Bowers

Jennifer Bowers (a self declared not-an-online-person) put together a 7 day online offering for women to dive into their senses, recorded 2 online classes, opened her intuitive nutrition coaching practice, taught her first online group program AND took her Nia white belt training.


Applications open

Still not quite sure?

Q: I want to make money with my creativity. Will this help me do that?
Yep. We sit down and come up with a creative money making strategy just. for. you.
So whether you want to grow a creative online business and reach tens of thousands with your online classes, sell your paintings or sculptures in a gallery, teach workshops around the world, build a platform to launch your book, (or whatever else we come up with), we've got the strategy. You just need to trust and follow the steps.
Q: I don’t _______ (insert paint, art journal, write, dance, etc)? Is Productive Creativity right for me?

Productive Creativity is all about us birthing your work your way. That being said, I believe in learning creatively. You learn faster, retain more, tune into your intuition and its WAY more fun. I believe in using lots of ways to help you get moving as we all learn in different ways.
One thing I’ve found is the more we have resistance to trying something new, the more juice there is for us… meaning if you’re willing to try and push your boundaries, you’ll find THAT is where you grow the most.
AND because I was literally a creative beginner just 7 years ago myself, I remember what it feels like. I teach step-by-step with aloha.

Before I worked with Amber I was frightened about even touching a brush! not even mentioning PAINTING! - just the thought of it, would make me tear… I thought I was just BAD at doing any art… Since our time together, I have broken those walls and now I'm painting and LOVING it! She is an amazing teacher and mentor. I'm forever grateful for her guidance and trust. It allowed me to trust myself. I learned so much! and I keep learning because now... I'm not afraid!"

Still not quite sure?

Q: What if I don’t know what I'm meant to do? Will productive creativity help me with that?
Yes. Many women have joined Productive Creativity with their project being to find their purpose or to choose their project. During our intake session, we’ll see where you're at and create a plan whether it's to help you narrow down choices, integrate several passions into one or dive deeper into exploring what you're uniquely meant to do in this world.

Q: What do you mean by creative project? I’m a _______ (insert occupation here). Can you really help me?
I can help you with anything that’s in your brain that wants to come out…
I’ve helped women start painting/drawing/art journaling, begin writing, publish a blog/website, start singing/dancing, publish a book or poetry, get gallery representation, teach a workshop, start an art businesses, bring creativity into their business, dedicated themselves to creative self care, sell artwork and/or products,start creative coaching, create woman’s circles, create an online class/program, find and discover life purpose, have a daily Creative Spiritual practice, create online trainings and talks...
I’ve helped professionals, writers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, dance and yoga instructors, creativity coaches, spiritual guides, quilters, knitters, jewelers, energy workers, business coaches, hair stylists…

Q: Do I really have time to take this on?

How much time have you spent on online courses or certifications you’re not using? How much time have you spent wishing and hoping you were getting your creativity out there now? How much time are you spending trying to figure it out on your own or weighing the options?

If this feels like the time for you, we can create the structure for you.

My dreams and goals are becoming reality. I had a successful workshop with women who were moved and inspired by the painting we did together and I have been offered two solo art shows happening in the next couple months.


Kelly Bonsall

Still not quite sure?

Q: What's the investment?

The program is by invitation only. Once you apply, we'll look over your application and hop on the phone. We'll ask you some questions and if we feel it's a fit, share how the program works and investment. We can decide together if it is a fit.
This program is a high level mentorship program. It is a substantial investment. It is not the program for you if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

Q: Can I really do this?
Yes. You have to… Unless you want to continue the way you have been, you need to do something different. If you want to take your creativity to the next level, make money, make an impact and feel like what you’re doing isn’t working or there's a better way, and you're READY for help, this is for you.

Q: Yes, but will I actually do it?
Well, I don’t know. Will you? I’ve taken many courses from investment to business, sales to art, meditation to relationships. And I’ll tell you, you get out of it what you put in. I am here for you. We have coaches and a support sisterhood to help you every step of the way. If you go MIA, we're gonna check in on you. AND you need to reach out if things get overwhelming or you get stuck.

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Maram Taibah a travel blogger and writing coach grew her online community by 1,800+ through her spiritual online travel adventure Wonder Quest. She's now teaching an online web series Writer Tips and serving her first clients helping them write their books!

JP Kim taught creativity at a retreat in Morocco, launched her artist website, taught 2 online classes, set up a free offering and opened her Facebook community The Good Red Road. All that while running a family business, taking care of her two boys and starting to care for her body with a consistent running practice.

Meredith Luiten finished writing and editing her novel, learned how to speak up for what she wanted and got a raise for $6,000.

Marnie Blum built her healing practice locally, launched her website, gathered testimonials and case studies and sold out her first workshop.

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What could Productive Creativity do for you?