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Align with Spirit Daily
Discover and DO your Soul Work
Impact others in Sacred Sisterhood

with Amber + INNER CIRCLE

You're here to create with Spirit.
You're called to live your Soul Work. 
You have a creative, intuitive force inside you.
It's your power. Your secret sauce.

But the world tells you it's unimportant.
And you do too, so you push it aside. Again and again.

You struggle doing the 1 thing you were put on this earth to do. 

It's time to stop denying your Soul Work

Women everywhere face this struggle.

Everyday I meet
Painters not painting
Writers not writing
Healers not healing
Women with a calling not doing what they're called to do.

They don’t trust their own intuition and artistry.
They feel pulled in too many directions.
They put their sacred work on the backburner, saying, “I’ll get to this sometime later…”

But sometime later never comes.

Is this you?

You want CLARITY on your sacred work but you have too many ideas
You want feel FLOW but you feel stuck
You want to CREATE but you never get around to creating
You want to FOCUS but there is so much happening right now

You want to DO your soul work but you put everything else first

Are you done sacrificing you and your sacred gifts on the altar of "traditional success"? 

When you ignore Spirit long enough, it's common to feel depressed, anxious, worried, or even driven to the point you are missing out on life. On the surface you may feel needed and wanted but deep down you're unfulfilled.

Here's the Truth.

If you’re like most women, you think if you can just work hard enough

and free up enough time,
you’ll open up the door to your creativity, to your intuitive gifts.

But, chances are high, like the

thousands of women I've worked with... 

You know deep down there is time.
You just keep putting your sacred work at the bottom of the pile.

What you need isn't time. It's:

  • CLARITY & COMMITMENT — When you get clear on your sacred work and how to connect to your unique creative force, you have power. When you connect to your vision, you find the commitment to do your work. It doesn't have to be put aside.
  • COMMUNITY & BELONGING — You can't do your sacred work alone. You have tried that already and it's lonely. We are meant to connect with one another to share our sacred work. There is a sisterhood of creative souls waiting to support you, a place where you can be yourself, channel spirit, and create momentum NOW.
  • FLOW — Whether you're a spiritual seeker or creative, your work is to allow Spirit to flow through you. Do what Spirit directs you to do. Step-by-step. Day-by-day.

There is nothing wrong with you

You just need the support and a plan to help you do what you're called to do. We all do.

It's Time to Give Your Intuition the FULL Reigns.

She's ready to take her place 
where she can support you to FULLY unleash.

Inner Circle

An 12-month Transformational Journey + Sisterhood to 
Connect to Spirit Daily & 
Discover and DO Your Soul Work 
so you can Share your Sacred Gifts 

In our Global Sisterhood you'll learn to
Connect to Spirit your way through daily ritual 
DO the Soul Work you're here to do.

1 year Building a Relationship with

To listen.
To allow Spirit to show you,

Activate you,
Help you Remember and Recommit to your Soul gifts,
To your Creative force.
To be the woman you're called to be.

You'll develop a consistent daily practice,
Take action on your Soul work daily,
Connect with Spirit to find peace and fulfillment,
Create, have fun, in sisterhood and
Open to what your Soul is Craving.

This community has filled a gap in my life as a solitary artist, giving me purpose, connection and community. 

Karen Abend - Artist

I’ve doubled my income in my coaching business. 

Dominique Peters 
- Sexy Coach

I progressed more writing my book in 7 weeks than the last 7 years. 

Millie Mellgren - Author

Like a surfer, the only way to catch a big wave is to go for it.
We’re going for it.
We’re learning to trust our intuitive surfboard, leap into the mystery, and ride the waves of our Soul.

In the Inner Circle 12-Month Journey, I'll guide you to
Remember your connection with Divine,
To remember you're not alone,

Your life is sacred,
You have ancient wisdom.

You'll learn how to let Spirit move through you every day,
 Get clear on your soul work, and

With with Spirit to fulfill your sacred gifts.

When Spirit Creates Through You, Get Ready For...

More Peace... More Purpose... More Play!

10 years ago, I lost myself in motherhood.

My days were an endless cycle of diapers and nursing and naps and house cleaning.

I was the perfect mom, but I forgot who I was. I couldn't find my way back. 

It got real dark.
Real dark.

On my knees in desperation, I heard Spirit tell me to paint and write.
I did.

At first, I just created for me.
Then with 6 friends around my dining room table,
Then at local homes through weekend workshops and circles,
Then online through retreats and programs.

I followed calling after calling.

I lost myself again. With work.

I had reached traditional "success."
Our company had made over $1.4 million in sales.

We'd helped over 85,000 women tap into their creative, intuitive Knowing.
My paintings were featured at the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women.

I'd danced on the stage at Merrie Monarch (Olympics of Hula).
I'd spoken on stages around the world.
I lived in a beautiful ocean view home in Hawai'i.
I had a supportive husband and 2 boys.

I spent years doing what I thought would make me happy,
What others told me to do.
On the outside everything looked great,
But on the inside I was just working long hours.
I wasn't creating.
I wasn't connecting to Spirit.
I was on an endless cycle of work.

And then last year my Grandma passed.
I thought, What’s the point of doing it all?

I felt dissatisfied.
And I felt guilty feeling dissatisfied.

I had "success". What was wrong with me?
Shouldn't I be satisfied with what I had.

But I missed Spirit

I missed creativity, play, intuition, adventure, soul, & Spirit.

You see, there's an emptiness to the traditional success path… external validation to always chase the next thing.
More stuff.
More money.
More influence.
More power.

Authentic success only comes when we connect to the deepest reason for the purpose of our life and take action and LIVE it.

That's Soul Success!

I opened myself to Spirit flow and Soul Success daily.
1 day at a time DOING what Spirit asked. Just 1 thing.
I created daily rituals to allow Spirit to work through me.

I claimed ALL the pieces and parts of me.
Teaching and guiding, painting and writing, dancing and channeling Light language, praying over my webpages and anointing my emails.
All. Of. Me.

Spirit told me to do something different so I stopped working with a small group who invested a large amount and instead decided to make these teachings available to more women, a global community of women focused on living their creative, intuitive gifts. INNER O is that vision.

This is my assignment.
Your Soul is here for a particular assignment too.
Your Creative force is waiting to be unleashed.

2021 is going to be a BIG year. We are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle this month. We are being prepared. This is my heart opening to help you do your Soul calling, no matter what.

The Inner Circle Will Help You:

  • GET CLEAR on your Soul Work and discover your unique sacred gifts
  • ACCESS CREATIVE FLOW daily and learn how to be the receiver of Spirit so art, writings, healing, teachings, and ideas come through. You'll stop trying so hard and allow.
  • LISTEN TO INTUITION and Spirit, so you know what to do instead of listening to what everyone else is telling you what to do. It's time to own your wisdom.
  • TAKE DAILY ACTION towards your soul purpose/calling/passion instead of just thinking about it (and learn how to stay in this state)
  • Develop FAITH, feel PEACE, and SPOT OPPORTUNITIES others can't because you're working with Spirit instead of doing it on your own
  • Find the BALANCE between your Productive, Focused Doing and your Creative, Intuitive Knowing

Connecting to Spirit and Accessing your Flow daily
Clarifying your Soul Work and 
Taking action to Do it. Live it. Daily. 
This is what the Inner Circle is ALL about.

Is the voice in your head saying:

"But I don't have time! I'm too busy already."

I understand at this time, we are being pulled by everyone and everything asking for our time and energy. This year we are filtering so much information. Now more than ever it's important to connect to our Soul. If we don't, we feel frazzled and focused on things that in the end steal our time.

Can your Soul Work be put on hold?
Your creative ideas and sacred gifts?

No, it can't.

It's been waiting too long already.

Just turn on the news, or look out your window, and see, hear, and feel how we've ALL been leaving our Soul work waiting for far, far too long.

Claim your soul calling.
And remember, it's NOT time that you need...


I now take time for myself and my relationship with spirit is deeper. I feel like a tree. I started as a seed and I have ended up being a big, wonderfully rooted tree, standing in my real life. Thank you so much Amber for all your love and support!

- Chantal Perisset

Amber has a gift for creating community, a circle of many amazing, powerful and wise womenThanks to Amber's mix of goofiness, truth-telling, wisdom, and loving accountability, I self-published two books over the course of the year and am generating income from my work!!!!  

- Lucy Claire Curran

I now have a strong, unique, personal artistic voice. I have never been so inspired and motivated to create as I am now. I cannot imagine being where I am today without it and I will take all the tools, strategies and incredible experiences with me into all I do for the rest of my life. The mentorship program changed my life.

- Kelly Bonsall

I really appreciated the tools Amber shared to problem solve and creatively design MY creative practice. I am so much more confident as an artist, as someone getting my work out there! I am thrilled to have sold 5 sculptures, 5 small paintings and I have had 4 shows.

- Julie Mae Pigott

Here's what's included in Inner Circle...


Each month we'll do an energy activation to set your frequency and energy to a space to make it easier for you to align to your soul work. Each month we are setting your energetic frequency to allow more of your calling and Spirit to move through. 

You don't have to DO anything but receive. We use creativity and energy together so bust out your art supplies and candles. For our processes we use smashbooking, painting, collage and whatever else Spirit wants us to do. 

Valued at $2400


Each month we gather for a group coaching session where I coach and guide you to get you moving if you're stuck or not moving. Sometimes we get stuck in patterns and can't see our way out. We'll meet together to shift as a group. 

You can do this on your own or let me help you. We flow together faster.

Valued at $1200


It's not enough to tap into flow and know you're calling. You have to DO what you're called to do. We get together 3x a month for Creative Playdates.

Bring whatever you're working on and we'll DO it. Maybe that's painting or writing and email or healing or something you've been putting of. Yeah, that thing. We move together.

Valued at $1200


In our online circle, you’ll be surrounded by other women committed to their intuitive, creative path. When you start to doubt yourself, you’ll have others to inspire and encourage you. We use the circle to share wisdom, get accountability and get coaching support from our team whenever you need it so you keep moving forward.

Valued at $1200


Each month we connect you in small groups so you can meet others in circle. You'll support one another and find others on a similar path. From here you can find accountability sisters and small groups. Think of this as a sacred sister connection time.


When You Join You'll also Receive...


Get paid workshops and trainings offered to the Woman Unleashed community for free including:
- 2 seasons of Woman Unleashed Retreat ($397)
- Initiations or Activations ($400) 

INNER O only pricing for retreats and events



If you're interested in joining The Inner Circle, I really want you to GET this....
Watch the video below from a personal message from me about the ReSource Library:

Access the Woman UNLEASHED library of trainings and resources including:
+ Creative Energy Activations to Get You Creating
+ Painting Rituals + Creative Classes to Activate Flow
+ Abundance Activations
+ Past Woman Unleashed Retreat Sessions
+ Trainings on starting and growing a business, marketing, creating and filling workshops... 
+ A whole ton more...

If you bought the trainings and programs in the INNER O ReSource Library individually, you'd pay over $12,000. This is everything I put together for my private clients and then some...

The Inner Circle

What's Included When You Purchase Today

(TOTAL VALUE $19,000)

  • Monthly Creative Energy Activation (Value: $2,400)
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching (Value: $1,200)
  • Private Online Community (Value: $1,200)
  • Weekly Creative Playdates (Value $1200)
  • Monthly Connection Circles (Priceless)
  • BONUS: VIP PERKS (Value $797+)
  • LAST CHANCE BONUS: RESOURCE LIBRARY (Value $12,000) (This will be the last time the Resource Library will be included in the Membership Fee!)


Inner Circle Journey


Get TWO Months FREE When You Pay in Full



INNER O closing its doors December 1, 2020 
so you must sign up before this date.

Sign up now to lock in the lowest price PLUS your access
to the FULL Woman Unleashed Resource Library (value $12,000+)
— this is the last time the complete library will be included in the membership fee.

Open to Receive the Flow

We are meant to be receivers,
Of art, writings, teachings, movements.
It’s about Spirit working through you,
Not doing what you think you should be doing or
What others think you should be doing.

The more you allow, the more wisdom flows.
The more we unblock, the faster we can create change, in an instant.

I know there a lot of noise right now.
It can be hard to hear your Truth,
Your intuition, the voice of your creative power, your Spirit, your calling.

Let's create the space.
Let's listen.
Let's commit to our Soul Success.
We need each other.

The Inner Circle

How To Become An INNER O Sister:

Step 1. Sign up for The INNER O now to get it at the lowest price with bonuses.

Step 2. Commit to going on this journey for your Soul, your loved ones, your community, and the planet.

Step 3. Connect in circle and take action to fulfill your greatest assignment on, and for, our world.

I gained greater clarity about the work I really want to do. I immensely value creativity now and I am so much more in alignment with my true nature and expressing myself as an artist.

Dewi Maile Lim 
- Creative Leader

I'm unpacking a lifetime of trying to do everything by myself.  I now have tools and support that I didn't know were possible and am learning to give myself permission to use them.

Kate Watson - Spiritual Business Manager

I launched my Goddess Mystery School and created a 22 module library. I ran a personal retreat, wrote the Sacred Divine Feminine Rites, and painted two exquisite paintings this year.

Elayne LeMonde - Founder of Empower Wholeness


Yes! If you make a commitment to doing these 12-months with me, you WILL experience change. I agree to share the same resources I've used to design creative, intuitive, Soul Success. Your part is to do the work.

We offer a 14 day worry free guarantee. If within 14 days you decide INNER O isn't for you, you can ask for your money back and we'll bless you on your way. That being said, I ask that all INNER O Sisters commit to completing this journey, and, as such, after the 14 days do not offer refunds.

Be the Vessel.
Allow Spirit to Flow through You.
Spirit expresses in many ways.
Let it express Your way.


How long does INNER O run?

INNER O is an annual membership. It runs 12 months. Once you sign up, you'll get a welcome email and we'll get you settled in. At the end of the year, you'll be automatically re-enrolled at the same rate you join, no matter how much the rate adjusts up in the future. Lucky you for enrolling now. If you decide at the end of the year INNER O isn't for you, you can step out of Circle.

How much time will this take?

INNER O is meant to ENHANCE your life. The monthly trainings are going to teach you how to make life easier. On average each week you'll spend 1-2 hours on the INNER O teachings and sessions. Depending on what you're focusing on (daily practice, creative projects, getting clear on your purpose, etc) you may choose to take additional training or classes to support you. In INNER O you'll learn to create a plan that includes space and rest.

What if I don't know my Soul Work?

That's okay. Plenty of us don't know. We get to create the space and find out together. We'll work together to first create the space to listen to spirit, then practice taking daily spirit action, celebrating what's working and then support you to keep taking action until it becomes more clear. First we commit to our calling. 

What if I've bought other things and haven't done anything with them? Will this be different? 

That's pretty normal. In fact 85% of people who buy online courses don't even get started. That's why this isn't a course. We have things like an Intake to see where you're at, accountability sisters and Connection Circles to connect with others and a new sister Orientation to get you moving right away. In INNER O you're not signing up for a course, you're joining a sisterhood.

That being said, if you're worried, we offer a 14 day worry free guarantee. If within 14 days you decide INNER O isn't for you, we'll refund your purchase. 

What if I can't afford this?

These teachings have have helped our mentorship clients earn 6-figures, get clear on their purpose, publish books, sell artwork, fill workshops, finish paintings, connect to Spirit daily... 
One of the most powerful ways to attract money is thinking out of the box, spotting Spirit opportunities and not letting them pass by. That and taking action. We help you do both.
We decided to offer a monthly payment plan to break the annual payment into smaller chunks.

If you're still not sure, join us. You have a 14 day Worry Free Guarantee. No risk.

What if I'm still not sure?

I'm inviting you to get the information you need in order to decide. If you have questions, just email me at If you generally have a hard time making decisions, in INNER O you'll learn how to listen to Spirit to make decisions more easily.

It would be easy to do nothing and go back to the way things have always been.
If you're wanting something different, join us today.

I discovered nurturing my creativity and being nurtured creatively will allow me to achieve any goal I set. I reached my goals of building a thriving practice of clients and reached some other goals I didn't even write down, like writing and winning four grants for my non-profit, getting a job that uses all my gifts.

Mirabai Galashan Coach

 I finished a coloring book which I never thought I would do. I opened myself to support which caused chain reactions... losing 30 pounds, gaining confidence, becoming an instructor, asking for what I wanted and actually getting it, a better marriage, rearranging budget, spending money on the things that matter... 

Julieanne Taylor Founder of Layla Rei Muse Dolls


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