Walk the Sacred Creative Path
Create with others in Sisterhood
Find your Creative Sanctuary

Your Creative Spirit Has Been Waiting...

Waiting with open arms,
Waiting for you to listen,
Waiting for you to set her free.

Free to be, say, share, create
All that you’re called to do. 

She doesn’t care about rules or
What other people think.

She is the unleashed, untamed, wild spirited you.

You Were Made to Create

You carry a unique creative frequency, 
A signature unlike any other.

Divinity and inspiration flow through your veins.
Ideas are born through you. 

You have paintings to be painted,
Books to be written,
Dances to be danced,
Songs to be sung,
Things to be crafted.

Your Creative Spirit has ideas that can heal, give hope, share love, end isolation
For your friends, family and community.

Your creations are a force for good.

Welcome Home Creative Sister

Does this sound familiar?

You're extra hard on yourself.
You have difficulty resting because your mind is always telling you there is more to do. You may have a lot of ideas but are afraid of picking the wrong one, so you don’t pick.

You often put their needs of others before your own and have a hard time saying No.
When someone needs you, you’re there, but that means you don’t create because, after everyone else, there’s no time for you. You have a hard time saying No to others. That makes it hard to say Yes to you.

You're used to doing things on your own.
You’d like a sisterhood but have never quite fit in. You’d like to trust Spirit but don’t know how. You’re used to controlling things and making them happen.

You constantly start new projects.
You get distracted by the next one before you finish. You tend to focus on what isn’t working and many times you end up giving up before you finish what you start.


A sanctuary for your creative soul.

A place your creativity is nurtured and celebrated.

A place you can be ALL of you.

Allowing the ideas and projects you've dreamed of to finally be more than something in your head. 

Dedicating yourself to the creative, unleashed life. 

is home for Creative Spirits 
Just like you.

This community has filled a gap in my life as a solitary artist, giving me purpose, connection & community. 

Karen Abend - Founder Sketchbook Revival

I’ve doubled my income in my coaching business. 

Dominique Peters 
- Sexy Coach and Founder of Women's Sexual Empowerment

I progressed more writing my book in 7 weeks than the last 7 years. 

Millie Mellgren - Author of The Language Immersion Life

Here's what's included in INNER O...


In Inner O we have 8 creativity retreats a year to bring you immersive experiences. Imagine a weekend painting or creating an Oracle deck or going on a virtual creative pilgrimage to Hawaii, creating art inspired by the culture, arts and spirit of the land.  

You’ll leave on creative fire!


Each session will connect you to one of the 8 creative powers and get you creating. Some of our unleashed sessions include creative activations, integration sessions and council calls where our unleashed coaches help you get unstuck. Unleashed sessions make creating easier,
A way of life


We meet every week and create together. Bring your creative projects and anything you’ve always wanted to do. Have art classes you’ve bought and never done? Something you've been avoiding? Bring them. We’ll do it. Together.


This is a safe space where you can get brave and share your works in progress, hear from others who love you when your inner judgmental critic gets loud and who celebrate you when you make progress big and small. You are loved just as you are. This is a judgement free zone.


Besides meeting up on unleashed sessions, we want to help you find your creative soul sisters. When you join, you have the option to join a small group of 5-8 that will meet at a time that works for you.

Creative Soul Sisters!


As an Inner O sister, you're a VIP. You're the first one offered spaces in our workshops and retreats. You'll receive an INNER O only discounts or sometimes you'll be invited to join us for free at events.

You'll also be invited to be first to apply for small group mentorship and individual coaching when spaces open. 

I really appreciated the tools Amber shared to problem solve and creatively design MY creative practice. I am so much more confident as an artist, as someone getting my work out there! I am thrilled to have sold 5 sculptures, 5 small paintings and I have had 4 shows.

- Julie Mae Pigott

What our sisters have to say...







Amber has a gift for creating community, a circle of many amazing, powerful and wise womenThanks to Amber's mix of goofiness, truth-telling, wisdom, and loving accountability, I self-published two books over the course of the year and am generating income from my work!!!!  

- Lucy Claire Curran

I now take time for myself and my relationship with Spirit is deeper. I feel like a tree. I started as a seed and I have ended up being a big, wonderfully rooted tree, standing in my real life. Thank you so much Amber for all your love and support!

- Chantal Perisset

I know what it’s like to forget My Creative Spirit. 

When I was 8, I knew I wanted to be an artist and a writer, but like so many others I was told it wasn’t realistic so I set it aside… for 20 years. 

I reached traditional success, traveled the world, ran a 7 figure business.

On the outside everything looked great, but every once in a while, usually on vacation, I’d have this feeling there was something missing.

After the birth of my 2 boys, I completely lost myself doing everything I was supposed to do, keeping everyone else happy. I was miserable.

In utter desperation, I prayed.

And then Spirit reminded me of that 8 year old girl who used to write and paint,
Who spoke to trees and Spirit,
Who felt at home creating.

I made a choice...

I chose to no longer sacrifice my time, energy or attention on what I was taught or told was important, but what I knew in my soul was important...

At first, I just created for me,
Painting during naptime,

Writing while the kids were playing at the park.
Then I invited 6 friends to paint with me one night around my dining room table,
Then a friend and I put together a weekend workshop.

Bit by bit I let my creative spirit lead the way.

Now years later, we've supported over 100,000 women to tap into their creative spirit.

I didn't do it alone.
I had Spirit.
I had creative sisters and teachers.

Friends who told me my work was important, my creations were needed.
I had a creative community who believed in me until I believed in myself.

Imagine a community where you can be yourself, 

A place you belong.

I teach and guide, paint and write, dance and channel Light language, pray over my webpages and anoint my emails.
I'm able to be All. Of. Me.

There is space for all of you too.

I used to think I wasn't creative,
I had to do it alone,
I didn't belong,
I couldn't be myself.

After years, I found my Creative Spirit again.

You have a Creative Spirit too.
It's time to UNLEASH her.

What makes INNER O Creative Sanctuary different

We Align with Your Creative Flow

In Inner O we connect your creative rhythm to the creative rhythm of the earth and use that energy to find your flow. 

We use the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter Days) to align with the 8 creative powers and 4 creative energies. When you practice tapping into each of the energies, you find the parts of the creative cycle you naturally get stuck, the places you fall out of flow and how to build creative momentum. 

We find the creative energy you need most to help you live your creative, unleashed life. Together.

We Use Immersion & Practice

Immersion is an experience that shifts your energy, level of inspiration and feelings. It moves you out of routine and complacency into inspiration and flow. 

In Inner O we have 8 creativity retreats a year to bring you immersive experiences. 

But then, after immersion, life happens. You aren’t able to dedicate days to your creativity and little by little that inspiration fades. You want to keep that creative fire going by following immersion with practice... 

Practice makes inspiration a part of your life, bringing that creative fire home. 

In Inner O we meet 2x a week for practice.

We Create Live

One of the things we’ve noticed is more and more creativity taught in pre-recorded videos.

We’ve decided to take a different approach. We know you probably already have a library of things you could watch. Probably thousands on YouTube alone. Learning that way doesn’t work for me, so we do everything LIVE online. We do retreats live, teachings live, create live.

And, if you’re unable to meet at our live time, we have watch parties set up to watch sessions with others at a time that works for you. 

We Create Together

Being a Creative can be lonely. 

There are plenty of people who will tell you what you’re doing isn’t important, who think it’s a nice hobby or something to do on the side. 

It’s amazing what you can create when you’re in a sisterhood filled with people who believe your creative work is vital, who tell you to spend the day painting instead of cleaning your house. 

LIVE + TOGETHER = More Creating!

 I finished a coloring book which I never thought I would do. I opened myself to support which caused chain reactions...losing 30 pounds, gaining confidence, becoming an instructor, asking for what I wanted and actually getting it, a better marriage, rearranging budget, spending money on the things that matter... 

Julieanne Taylor Founder of Layla Rei Muse Dolls


What time do you meet?

We meet Wednesdays and Fridays at noon PT. Our creativity retreats meet at different times throughout the year.

What if I can’t make it live?

If you're unable to meet at our live time, we have watch parties set up to watch sessions with others at a time that works for you. 

And if that doesn't work, we record everything because, well.... life. You can access all recordings in our INNER O Studio (online members site).

What if I have lots of other classes I’ve paid for but didn’t do?

That’s pretty normal. In fact 85% of people don’t. That's why this isn't a course. We’ve created a live program to help you show up. Creating a schedule and giving you exactly what to do with a specific time to be together creates a different energy than on your own. We want you creating more, and have created an environment for you to do it.

We also have things like an Intake to see where you're at, small sister groups to get connected, and a new sister Intention session to get you moving right away. In INNER O you're not signing up for a course, you're joining a sisterhood.

That being said, if you're worried, we offer a 14 day worry free guarantee. If within 14 days you decide INNER O isn't for you, we'll refund your purchase. 

How much time does this take?

Each week we meet for 2 hours. Once every 5-7 weeks we meet for a creativity retreat. Those might be a 2 day experience (6 hours per day) or might be 8 hours sprinkled over 8 days like Free to Create. 

Instead of thinking of it taking time, think of the time you’ll get back. Studies show creatives get more done when they know how to rest and play. And you are guaranteed to be creating every single week! Woohooo!

What if I’m a __________? (Writer, painter, mixed media, photographer, dancer, singer, etc.)

Perfect. All creatives welcome. Even those who secretly doubt they are creative. INNER O Creative Sanctuary is filled with lots of creatives and many that work with a variety of mediums. 

What if I can't afford this?

If INNER O would make it difficult to pay your bills and put food on the table, we recommend you take advantage of our free offerings like our Woman Unleashed Retreats. Each time we open doors, we also award a limited amount of scholarships to sisters in severe financial hardship.  You can apply for a scholarship here.

If your head is telling you spending money on living the creative life isn’t the best investment, think about this…

How much is it worth for you to be a happy Mom?
To bring innovative ideas to work?
To feel fulfilled sharing your creative gifts?
To feel peaceful and trusting no matter what is happening in the world?

What is that worth for you?
Instead of asking if you can afford it, I’d ask if you can afford not to. 

Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 14 day worry free guarantee. If, within the first 14 days, you decide INNER O isn’t for you, we’ll refund your money and bless you on your way. Our guess though, is you’ll join and decide you never want to leave. No risk.

Still unsure?

Just click on the questions button >>> and ask me.

I gained greater clarity about the work I really want to do. I immensely value creativity now and I am so much more in alignment with my true nature and expressing myself as an artist.

Dewi Maile Lim 
- Creative Leader

I'm unpacking a lifetime of trying to do everything by myself.  I now have tools and support that I didn't know were possible and am learning to give myself permission to use them.

Kate Watson - Spiritual Business Manager

I launched my Goddess Mystery School and created a 22 module library. I ran a personal retreat, wrote the Sacred Divine Feminine Rites, and painted two exquisite paintings this year.

Elayne LeMonde - Founder of Empower Wholeness

Meet the Team

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
Founder and CEO of Woman Unleashed INC

Amber mentors women to connect to their Creative Spirit and live their most creative life through events and year long coaching programs. She hosts the Woman Unleashed Retreats, an online event that has gathered over 90,000 women from around the world. Her artwork has been featured in the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women and Women’s Rights, An Artists Perspective.

Elizabeth Foley
Online Community Director

Elizabeth is an artist, potter, creativity coach, and certified Intentional Creativity Teacher. She is founder of Radiant Art Studios and creator of The Art of Spiritual Living Online Retreat that helps thousands of women annually learn to use creativity to tune inward and create personal spiritual practices.

Mirabai Galashan
INNER O Membership Director

Mirabai is a therapist, coach and workshop facilitator who provides inspirational and transformative support to empower people to live fully, fearlessly and joyfully. Mirabai has over 20 years experience creating and leading women’s circles focused on creativity, spirituality and success.

Samantha Stuhr
Executive Assistant

Sam has worked for the Mayo Clinic and Kaplan Professional Education leading teams and project managing the past 20 years. She is a wizard with organization and which makes everything run smoother and you'll often find her taking care of things before we know they need to be fixed.  

Imagine what would be different in your life if you let your creative spirit free.

Imagine how you’d show up for your kids, partner, friends.
Imagine the ideas you’d have for work,
The energy you’d have for your relationships,
The fulfillment doing what you’re created to do.  

We’ve created a sanctuary for you.
We’re waiting. 

Let’s see what we create together.