Doors have closed to our Hawai'i retreat.
We'd really love you to join us next time. 

Awaken your unique creative spirit
Initiate your sacred creative journey

You carry a unique creative signature,
Your sacred, creative life force that is meant to
Heal, activate, transmit, initiate, awaken those around you.

What could be different if you UNLEASHED your Creative Spirit?

Sister, it’s time to claim your calling as the
creative mystic, the medicine woman, the healer, sage,

the lightworker, the Creative Priestess, ™  

It's time to choose your Creative Soul to feel on purpose, happy and free

"My creative fire is lit. 

I have finished 6 paintings since the retreat."


"The creative ideas just keep bubbling up
almost faster than I can write them down."


"My husband says I need to do this retreat every year
Each time I have gone, something great has shifted.

I finally feel like I am emerging and living my true life.
I have the courage to say to anyone,


You have a creative force inside you...

It is your power.

It is your magick.


The world tells you it's unimportant.
There are more important things like
Money, Success and Taking Care of Others.

And you start thinking that must be true.

So you put it aside.

Behind everyone and everything else.

Again and again.

You struggle doing the 1 thing you were put on this earth to do

Then 1 day something happens and you REMEMBER.

Maybe someone passes,

You get ill, or your partner wants a divorce.

Maybe you no longer feel needed,

After your kids leave or you retire.

Maybe something feels wrong…

You’ve forgotten how to connect to Spirit,

You’re dissatisfied even though everything is great, or

You feel anxious or depressed for no reason.


You’re here for Sacred Work,
To allow Spirit IN,
To give your Words, 

Art and Creations as

Sacred Offerings

Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED Retreat
is your invitation to 

claim the Space and Time

for your creative spirit.

In Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED,
during our weekend together we'll

unleash your sacred creative power,
Paint your Creative Soul Portrait,

and take the first step to initiate you as a Sacred Creative...

Connection with your Creative Soul =

MORE Freedom, Happiness, Purpose & Play!

I know what it’s like to forget my Creative Spirit. 

When I was 8, I knew I wanted to be an artist and a writer, but like so many others I was told it wasn’t realistic so I set it aside… for 20 years. 

I reached traditional success, traveled the world, ran a 7 figure business.

On the outside everything looked great, but every once in a while, usually on vacation, I’d have this soul feeling there was something missing.

After the birth of my 2 boys, I almost completely lost myself doing everything I was supposed to do, keeping everyone else happy. I was miserable.

And in utter desperation, I prayed.


That 8 year old girl who used to write and paint,

Who spoke to trees and Spirit,

Who felt at home creating.

I made a choice...

I chose to no longer sacrifice my time, energy or attention on what I was taught or told was important, but what I knew in my soul was important...

I started creating just for me, 
Then slowly sharing my art at local galleries and
Then leading small workshops with friends.

Since then, over the past decade, Woman Unleashed has helped over 100,000 women tap into their creative, intuitive Knowing through our in person and online events and programs.

I spent years doing what I thought would make me happy,
What others told me to do.

But I missed my Creative Spirit

I missed my creativity, play, intuition, adventure & Spirit.

You have a Creative Spirit too.

It's time to unleash her.

Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED

An at home weekend retreat to 
Awaken your unique Creative Spirit &

Initiate your creative journey to feel

ON purpose, happy and free 

Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED Will Help You:

  • AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT so you find your unique self expression
  • CONNECT TO SPIRIT so you let go and trust something bigger is holding you, connecting you to a sense of purpose
  • ALIGN WITH FLOW so ideas come more easily and you spot opportunities you wouldn’t have seen otherwise
  • Find others on the sacred creative path so you find a space where you BELONG
  • Develop FAITH, feel PEACE, and SPOT OPPORTUNITIES others can't because you're working with Spirit instead of doing it on your own 
  • Take the first step of CREATIVE INITIATION on your sacred creative journey

at the end of this retreat not only feeling connected to your creative spirit, 

but activating your creative freedom

and the sacred support to do it.

Again and again…

The retreat was life changing!

Before the retreat my life was full but empty. Since the retreat multiple people have told me they see a change in me. "I look younger", "I seem happy", "I seem lighter" I feel it. I'm more authentically me. 

I went from a lonely scared widow to a happy, confident inspired woman unleashed!


- Karolyn

Before I worked with Amber I was frightened even touching a brush! not even mentioning PAINTING!

Since our time together, I have broken those walls and now I'm painting and LOVING it! I'm forever grateful for her guidance and trust. It allowed me to trust myself. Now... I'm not afraid!


The retreat was the perfect place to sort out my priorities. My focus has changed and I can ALLOW myself to put me on the top of my list. I have a creative voice, and a global plan for the non-profit that I want to start.

- Lori

Is the voice in your head saying:

"But I don't have time! I'm too busy already."

I get it. Right now, we’re pulled by everyone and everything asking for our time and energy. We have an abundance of choices of what to do with our time, where to put our attention and resources.

I’m inviting you to a dedicated weekend for you

Choose time to connect to your Soul and creative spirit.

Every year we've had women who wanted to come to our Hawai'i retreat, but never could.

They couldn't fly out, arrange accommodations, or take time off work or away from their families.

We've made it easy for you this year.
We've created the retreat experience to blend with your life.
All you have to do is show up.

It's NOT time you need...

It's time doing what you love.

Here's what's included in Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED


Taking the best of our in person retreat, we're bringing the spirit of Hawai'i to your home.


Paint a portrait of your creative soul with support and coaching from our art doctors


Receive and activate the creative teachings from the island of Hawai’i


Move energy daily through the ancient dance of hula


An Online Community of sisters on their sacred creative path for friendship, support and inspiration


BONUS: 5 Integration Sessions after the retreat wraps up to keep you creating

Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED

What's Included When You Purchase Today


  • 2 Day At Home Hawaii Retreat 

  • Creative Soul Portrait
  • Hawaiian Creative Teachings
  • Energy Movement with Hula 
  • Private Online Community
  • BONUS: Post Retreat Integration Sessions

I have returned to creativity as one of my absolute needs, 

like good food, clean air, and good sleep! 

Before the retreat, I was lost in what everyone else wanted

or needed me to be. After, I felt freedom to share my voice

saying yes and saying NO.

Now I take more time to connect with my spirit. 
- Gina

My life was full of busy.

Work, running about looking after elderly mother,

cooking, cleaning, very limited time for myself.

Now I am more relaxed, feel more connected to my family

and feel much more joy.

- Mandy

I feel like it lit my fire for painting, but most of all

gave me confidence in sharing my gifts the way I feel.
- Dorina

I would recommend this retreat to ANYONE 

who is seeking support, creativity and connection to their inner wisdom.

This retreat will shift and change you!
- Elizabeth

I don't have to chase my purpose any more

Just allow that my purpose leads me instead.
- Pavlina

Since the retreat, I feel like the possibilities are here

I am awake to the importance of moving forward... NOW!
- Lisa

Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED

How To Take Part:

Step 1. Sign up for Sacred Creativity Unleashed Retreat now to join us at the lowest price.

Step 2. Look for an email with your materials list and steps to get settled.  

Step 3. Commit to go on this creative journey for you, your Soul, your loved ones, community, & world.


Yes! If you make a commitment to dive fully into the retreat, you WILL experience change. If you do the full retreat and you feel you aren’t more connected to your creative spirit, simply ask for your money back.


What are the retreat times? How much time will this take?

For the weekend retreat, set aside 6 hours daily.
Everything will be recorded if you're unable to attend the retreat live.

What are the materials?

Once you register, you’ll be provided with a full list of recommended materials. We’ll be painting acrylic on canvas so acrylic paints, a variety of colors, paint brushes, canvas, journal and misc other materials for ritual and creativity. You can find these things at a general craft store like Michaels or can order them online.

Do I need to have previous painting experience?

No. In fact, over half of the women we’ve had at previous retreats haven’t been painters. We have art doctors to support you if you get stuck. The Intentional Creativity ™ painting process we use has been used with tens of thousands of people around the world.

What if I can’t make it (or a portion of it) Live? 

Everything will be recorded and put up on our retreat portal as soon as it is available.

Will we get the recordings?

Yes. Everything will be recorded and you’ll have access to watch again and again.

What if I'm still not sure?

Email us at We want to help you make a choice 1 way or another.
Not choosing uses up energy. 

Sacred Creativity UNLEASHED

What's Included When You Purchase Today


  • 2 Day At Home Hawaii Retreat 

  • Creative Soul Portrait
  • Hawaiian Energy Teachings
  • Energy Movement with Hula 
  • Private Online Community
  • BONUS: Post Retreat Integration Sessions

We are meant to be receivers,
Of art, writings, teachings, movements.
It’s about Spirit working through you,
Not doing what you think you should be doing or
What others think you should be doing.

The more you allow, the more wisdom flows.
The more we unblock, the faster we can create change.

I know there is a lot of noise right now.
It can be hard to hear your Truth,
Your intuition, the voice of your creative power, your Spirit, your calling.

If you’re longing to reconnect with your creative spirit,
You want to learn the creative teachings of Hawai’i,
You’re craving S P A C E for your soul,
It’s time for your initiation.

Hear the call.
Allow Spirit in.
You’re ready.

Let's commit to our Creative Spirit.