You want to feel  inspired
You're ready to (finally) create and do something for you,  or

You want to make money + impact others with your gifts
but you don't know how...

I've got the perfect solution...

September 27-28

Hyatt Palm Springs, CA

Here's What We're Doing...


You have your unique purpose. Your special sauce.
We'll spend time going inward and listening.
Listening with your heart.
Listening with your spirit.

What is calling you?


One of the best ways to access your intuition and vision is through creativity. We'll use art journaling and a Smashbook process over the 2 days to play and access your deeper vision.

Get ready to release your perfectionist and open to creative flow.


It's 1 thing to come to a retreat and it's another to take what you've learned and make changes.

We'll take an in depth look at what you want to create moving forward, what's stopping you and create a plan so when you leave the retreat, you're ready to roll.

Want to write a book? Start a creative business? Paint a series of paintings and hang them in a gallery?
We'll co-create your path.


This is an intimate retreat with a small group. Change doesn't happen on your own.

After the retreat, you'll get a 1:1 session with a Woman Unleashed coach to make sure you have a plan on what to do next.
If you’re ready to nurture yourself and listen to your heart,

If you've been blocked or stuck and want to get moving,

If you want a plan to make money and make a difference with your gifts

This retreat is for you!

Creativity UnleashedLive 


  • 1 ticket to Creativity UNLEASHED LIVE 2 day retreat ($2000 value)
  • 30 minute integration call with a coach afterwards ($200 value)
    Regular price $497...

What Retreat Participants Are Saying...

This retreat was about investing and valuing my own life and potential. I am totally transformed in my belief and trust in my ability to create a wonderful life, one that is filled with adventure, beauty, love, creativity, and connection.

Recommended to anyone who wants to open to what is possible for themselves in their life. To someone who needs a path and bit of a push forward to begin their dream life.


It's sometimes hard to figure out where I fit now in retirement. This retreat helped me see I can still have a viable income source through the work I do. I don't want to work full time. I'm not building a business, but I think I should take the creative work I do and manage it into a business that will give me enough income to take the creative classes I want, travel a bit, and buy art supplies. I saw this in the many creative business women at the retreat.


My only hesitation about coming to the retreat was the logistics of it all. Coming to Hawaii and being in group with everyone made it worth any hassle. I wanted to reconnect with my creative self and I knew this would do it.

Since the retreat I finally scheduled another workshop that I will lead. I've been wanting to move forward for a long time and Amber gave me the support and nudge that I needed.


The retreat was life changing!

Before the retreat my life was full but empty. Since the retreat multiple people have told me they see a change in me. "I look younger", "I seem happy", "I seem lighter" I feel it. I'm more authentically me. 

I went from a lonely scared widow to a happy, confident inspired woman unleashed!


You Ready? Come...

FAQ's & Other Juicy Details

What’s included?
The 2 day retreat, all art supplies, materials and experiences, and a 30 minute integration call afterwards.

The retreat does not include

accommodation, airfare, transportation to and from the airport and meals.

What happens once you register?

You’ll get an email with instructions and information on planning your trip including details on flight and accommodation options. We’ll contact you to see if you have any questions or support planning your trip.

Do I need to come with anything? 
Nope. Come. Play. Explore.

Meet Your Guide!


I'm Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici.

(Yeah I know it's a mouthful).

Not too long ago I was in high tech marketing and retail management. I had climbed the corporate ladder and outwardly had my shizzle together. At the same time I felt isolated and lonely. I missed my creative, adventurous self, the one who felt a deep connection to spirit. I missed the parts of me that didn't fit in my in-the-box life.

After almost losing myself in motherhood, I made a radical decision to stop doing what was expected and instead listen to the calling of my heart. I (re)discovered creativity, let the dishes pile up and started calling women in circles and retreats.

Years later after leading online and in person retreats for 60,000+ women, I know the power of a retreat to completely shift a woman's path, to awaken the passion, inspiration and creative spirit to dream again.

I've seen women claim parts of themselves they had forgotten. Remember who they really areRemember their calling and find the courage to live it.

Creativity Unleashed was the perfect place to sort out my priorities. I think the biggest shift for me is realizing that art is my true passion, and that the rest of my life needs to adjust so that I can follow my dreams.

My focus has changed and I can ALLOW myself to put me on the top of my list. I have a creative voice, and a global plan for the non-profit that I want to start.


"I hesitated to sign up for Creativity Unleashed Live due time frame availability on the dates. Being away from it all in a beautiful, serene setting with time in community + alone time allowed me to refocus on how I want to spend my time & with whom. It cemented my knowledge to listen to my body and my intuition. This was the most powerful retreat I've ever attended."


"The biggest gift was having structured creative “me” time. At first it felt selfish but quickly manifested into being exactly the break I needed to regain my creative worth. I loved Amber's enthusiasm and real-life experiences along with her gifted training abilities.  I felt taken care of, not deprived of the time and was given license to express my artistic side."


"My husband says I need to do this retreat every year! He is so impressed by each time I have gone, something great has shifted and I finally feel like I am emerging and living my true life. I have goals, I am asking, I am courageous and I have the courage to say to anyone, I AM AN ARTIST!"


"Since the retreat, I am taking more steps & come into action. I am reaching out to friends, am learning to ask for help and am taking better care of me. This retreat is perfect for anyone who wants to paint in a creative way & join a sacred women's circle, anyone open to become more creative & focused and anyone ready to take charge of their life."


"This retreat will be one of those life markers. Like my life before the retreat and my life after the retreat. The retreat watered and nurtured those seeds. My life will never be the same."


"I received the gift of knowing that I have more power within myself to make my dreams a reality. I am now believing in myself. I’m creating daily. I am in tune with my intuition. Fun, relationships, sex, work, family,’s all more fun and I seek it and allow laughter to bubble up and burst. I feel more relaxed and loved for who I am. I’m learning to live who I am, as I am. Wow. I found myself again."


"Since the retreat I have experienced greater creative confidence. I no longer wish to destroy or disregard my art. Before I destroyed, now I believe in my positive power to create. My favorite part was seeing how Amber masterfully holds space and tends to self and others in a playful, caring and powerful way."

Amy Elizabeth

"I came home feeling totally rejuvenated with a total new outlook on life. I would highly recommend this retreat to any woman who finds herself in a rut, needs a change or is just trying to find herself!  Since the retreat, I have been doing something creative every day. I would like to thank you Amber and her team, from the bottom of my heart, for saving my sanity and bringing back my creativity."


"My gratitude is overflowing, and I am humbled by Amber’s generosity, wisdom and the love that surrounded me. I am in awe of not only the creativity, but the kindness, authenticity and incredible business acumen Amber shares with abandon. Now I can breathe.  Fearless...boundlessness! I have discovered me and I am grateful. I am overwhelmed with all the possibility."


"I truly experienced an energy shift, a total spiritual experience. I can go with the flow so much easier even when life throws me a snag. I have a sense of conviction about my art that I am one among many instead of being alone with my art. I feel free to paint and whatever it looks like with all its flaws is totally okay. My dream to be an artist is coming true. I am an artist. "