Unleash Creative Flow
Get Focused &
Finally Create Every Day

You want to create, but you’re not.
You’ve got a creative idea (or a gazillion) but you can’t get started.
You’re surrounded with unfinished projects and can’t focus.
You put creativity at the bottom of the pile under the laundry, dishes, family, and work.

Which of these is you?

Successful But Not Satisfied
On the outside everything looks great. But on the inside it’s not. Something feels off. Even though things are great, you feel dissatisfied and don’t know why. You’re looking for more fulfillment.

Your critical voice is extra loud. When what you’re creating is perfect, you can show people, share your work, put yourself out there. But you never do.

You’ll get to it later. That’s what you tell yourself again and again, but later never happens and those creative ideas you have just remain ideas.

You have ideas to last 10 lifetimes. There are too many to decide, or if when you do decide, you’re quickly distracted by another idea…. then another….. You never finish what you start.

People Pleaser
You care what people think of you. You’ll put the needs of others ahead of you even if it means making yourself unhappy to do it.

Your energy is low. You just can’t connect to the inspiration, joy and juiciness in life you used to. Maybe you feel anxious. There is a LOT happening in the planet what with Covid, your aging parents, kids, work… You’re feeling it all and burning out.

Lone Wolf
You’re used to doing things on your own. Maybe you’re shy or feel uncomfortable in groups. When you see others in group you feel like an outsider, like you don’t belong.

No matter which one (or all) of them you are,
We all want to create but don’t.
Not the way we want to.

We get stopped by our old habits and patterns of perfectionism, procrastination,
lack of focus, people pleasing, or trying to do it alone.

And when we aren’t creating, when our creative flow gets blocked it looks like
Dissatisfaction, Exhaustion, Unhappiness, Illness.

There’s another way.

It’s called Creativity UNLEASHED.

Do you feel like you're only living a part of who you truly are?

Creativity UNLEASHED is a way to work with your creative flow, aligning you with The Creative Cycle so you feel inspired, alive, juicy, happy & free.

And when we unleash that flow daily,
It lights us up.

But creating every day isn’t easy.
Maybe you think about creating and never get around to doing much of it or
You start off inspired with an idea, then stop or
After a bit, you get an idea that’s even more exciting and start yet another project.

Creativity Unleashed Daily = Aligning with The Creative Cycle
When we’re not creating, we’re just missing steps from The Creative Cycle.
Those missing steps are the places we naturally stop.
Again and again.

It’s not you.

When we don’t create, we think something is wrong with us.

You beat yourself up for not following through with a daily practice,
Or not putting yourself out there,
Or getting distracted (again),
Or saying Yes to when you wanted to say No,
Or wonder why you don’t create when you DO have the time.

Nothing is wrong with you.
We just get to align you with Your Creative Cycle.


A 5-day creative retreat to
Find your flow,
Get focused and
Finally get in the habit of creating every day

Sister, you have a creative calling, longings, ideas, projects just waiting for you.

It's time to let your intuition lead.
She’s wise.

More Peace... More Purpose... More Play!

I know what it’s like to want to create but not be creating.

I’ve gotten caught up in work deadlines, working long hours, neglecting myself.
I’ve been depressed and unhappy, unable to motivate myself.
I’ve gotten the call, We don’t know how much longer Grandma has and jumped on an airplane then fully focused on caregiving.

I’ve slept in the ICU with my son unable to do anything more than pray he’d make it through the night.

Life happens.
And yet, we’re called to create.
And that small voice within reminds us to
Pick up the brush or pen,
Camera or guitar,
To follow that creative calling.

During my overwork and self neglect, depression, caregiving Grandma, in the hospital with my son, there was a moment I’d hear that calling to create.

And I’d create.
Just for me.

I’d connect to the steps of The Creative Cycle, find my flow, and create.

Creativity Unleashed Daily has allowed me to
Create paintings that have been at the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women,
Hang solo art shows,
Start and grow Woman Unleashed,
Write and edit a book,
Create workshops and retreats serving over 100,000 women,
Win awards and publish my artwork

WHILE being a mom to 2 boys, a wife for 20+ years, a friend, daughter, grand-daughter, CEO.

And still I catch myself not creating when I want.
I’m like you.

You see, it’s not about how many times you’ve stopped creating.
It’s about making sure you unleash your flow
And know how to start again.
And again.
And again.

In Creativity UNLEASHED Daily we’ll teach you the exact same steps I’ve used to write my book, become an international award winning artist, start a business, create workshops, retreats…

The same steps I’m using today to
Write a fiction novel,
Plant 100,000 trees with TreeSisters,
Grow our company to reach 1 million women.

What are you ready to Create?

Creativity UNLEASHED Daily Will Help You...

  • Have MORE CREATIVE ENERGY so you have the energy to create what you want to create
  • DEVELOP A DAILY PRACTICE that is personalized for your life and learn how to adjust your practice as life changes
  • Learn to LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION, so you know what to create instead of listening to what everyone else is telling you to create
  • FOCUS on what’s most important so you complete what you start
  • ACCESS CREATIVE FLOW so art, writings, healing, teachings, and ideas come through, so you stop trying so hard and allow.
  • TAKE ACTION on your creativity instead of just thinking about it

Imagine at the end of this 5-day retreat...
Unleashing your creative flow and having a daily practice that works with your life.

Creativity UNLEASHED Daily

What's Included When You Purchase Today

  • Daily LIVE Soul Success Initiations
  • Short daily practices to align you with your creative cycle to get in flow
  • Online community to connect with others on their Creative path for sharing, support and inspiration
  • Closing ritual to amplify your creative energy
  • Partner Opportunity- Share Creativity UNLEASHED Daily and earn 50% Commission on sales?
  • Option for Lifetime Access to Creativity UNLEASHED Daily

Today's Investment

Valued at $197


*The price will increase closer to when we begin.

We at Woman Unleashed know the number #1 thing that makes the biggest difference for women is having a daily creative practice that makes them happy and lights them up. That makes them better moms, partners, friends. It gives them ideas and inspiration at work. It connects them to Divine.

So we’re offering this retreat at a low investment so you say Yes.


What is the time commitment?
Each day for 5 days we’ll be about 30 minutes.

What time are the LIVE daily sessions?
We’re meeting at 8a Hawaii (10a PT, 11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET, 6p UK, 7p Italy, 5a Sydney)

Do I need special materials?
We’ll work with materials you most likely have around your home: a journal or paper, markers or crayons, glue stick, etc. You’ll be sent a more detailed list once you join us.

Do you offer a guarantee?
If you make a commitment to do this 5-day retreat, you WILL experience change. We agree to share the same resources we’ve used to design creative success for ourselves and our clients. Your part is to do the work. Because of the low-cost investment for this program, we do not offer refunds. 

Open Your Creative Flow

Allow Spirit to move through you,
Follow your Creative Calling,
Where it leads you.
It’s time to UNLEASH your creativity.
It’s time to create your way.
And never stop.

Unleashed Team


Community Director

Membership Director

Executive Assistant

Our Unleashed team is here to support your creative flow. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@womanunleashed.com.