Showing Up
9/30/18 Aloha! It’s early here. I’m drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea thinking about you. I wanted to write[...]
Try, Try Again
11/20/18 Aloha, Just flew back from Maui holding ritual and space for the graduates of the Color of Woman Training with[...]
You Already Know
7/2/2019 Aloha! I’ve decided to work less and live more. So I take the last week of every month off.[...]
Work less, Live more
7/2/2019Aloha! I’ve decided to work less and live more. So I take the last week of every month off. Weekends[...]
How to use July’s New Moon
7/2/2019Aloha! Happy New Moon!In Hawaiian tradition we honor the cycles of the moon. We have songs about it. Our kids[...]
Want to feel more inspired, juicy and free?
6/25/2019 Aloha! I’m sitting on my back patio drinking Earl Grey Tea from my mermaid cup. I just watched the[...]
J Lo and the Emerald City
6/18/2019 Aloha! ​ Here’s how to create anything… just in case you were wondering: Do your DAILY practice + Listen[...]
For You
10/17/18 Aloha, Thank you for the Birthday wishes. I had lunch with my mom, a pedicure and manicure, wrote some[...]
I’ve Been Avoiding This
11/8/18 Aloha, I’m writing you from an airplane. Flying home from the MOST powerful leadership training I’ve ever attended. The[...]


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I really appreciated the tools Amber shared to not only help hold my feet to the fire, but to problem solve and creatively design MY creative practice. I am so much more confident as an artist, as someone getting my work out there! I am thrilled to have sold 5 sculptures, 5 small paintings and I have had 4 shows. 

- Julie Mae Pigott