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Art for the Heart Video 1: Intention

BIG aloha to my teachers and mentors…Painting: Shiloh Sophia and Sue Hoya Sellars, Writing: Mary MacDonald & Smashbooking: Catt Geller

Continue your journey…

  • Journal: Keep your journal by your bed. What are you learning from your painting right now? What have you learned about your intention through your visioning?
  • Sketch out your symbol 5-7 times. Let yourself be creative and have fun. How many ways can you draw something that feels similar to what you felt on your visioning? When in doubt, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and go back to your vision.
  • Dance: Put on 1 song with your intention clear in your mind. See what wisdom your body brings up, what answers it has. (Note: You can totally do this with shades draw, doors closed, but you DO need to do this.)
  • Connect on the Woman Unleashed Circle Facebook group. If you feel called, share your intention or a picture of your painting. Post any questions or insights you have and I’ll respond soon.
  • Be aware: Since you have activated your intention, pay attention to your dreams. You are doing deep wonderful work.

If you are feeling resistance doing any of these things, ask yourself why? What is coming up? What lesson is in the resistance? Journal, dance, paint it.

See you tomorrow…