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Art for the Heart Video 3: Surrender Control

Continuing on…

  • Journal/Write: Imagine putting the pen in the hand of your Nurturing Woman. What does She have to say about your painting? What wisdom does she have for you? Let her write you a letter. Then afterwards, circle the words or phrases that resonate most deeply for you.
  • Connect on the Woman Unleashed Circle Facebook group. Post pictures and share your journey. Meet other women activating their creative side.
  • Be aware: What are you noticing about how you try and control? What does surrender mean to you? What ways do you want to surrender more?

If you are feeling resistance doing any of these things, journal, dance it, paint it. Email me and I’m happy to help you move forward.

Our next session will be our last. We’ll be doing embellishment. You can also gather glitter, string, yarn, or other little items that you’d like to put on your canvas during our next date!

See you Soon.....