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Art for the Heart Video 2: Deep Listening

Continue your journey…

  • Journal: Keep your journal by your bed. What is your painting telling you? What are you learning about yourself through your symbol and the painting process? What does deep listening mean to you?
  • Dance: Put on 1 song with your intention clear in your mind… choose a different style of song than you did last week. If last week was mellow, let this week be dance. See what wisdom your body brings up.
  • Connect on the Woman Unleashed Circle Facebook group. We are posting pictures of our paintings, ah has, comments, and meeting other women on the journey. Post any questions or insights you have.
  • Be aware: What are you noticing about listening to your heart this week?

If you are feeling resistance doing any of these things, journal, dance it, paint it. Email me and I’m happy to help you move forward.

Keep an eye out for video 3…