You want to create, but you're stuck. 

You've got the idea (or maybe a gazillion) but can't seem to get moving.

Life gets in the way and next thing you know, what you want gets put behind everything (and everyone) else.

It's time to Unleash
your creativity... to get into Creative Momentum.

My name is 

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici.

I'm an intuitive creativity coach and creative business mentor. I help women unblock their creativity and share their creative work in the world.

I help women write their books,
Start creative businesses,
Finish their paintings,
Get their art in galleries,
Lead workshops and retreats.

I get you creating.

8 years ago I lost myself in motherhood.
My days seemed like an endless cycle of diapers and nursing and naps and trying to keep the house clean. 

I forgot who I was and one day found myself depleted, in postpartum depression.

Everything seemed grey. I couldn't find my way out.

I found Myself again through Art.

At first, I painted and created for me. 

Then I felt called to share with friends around my dining room table,

Then local community through weekend workshops and circles,

Then online through retreats and mentorship programs.

Since then... 
we’ve helped over 60,000 women
tap into their Creativity through online and in-person retreats. 

And we support Creative Leaders to share their work in their world through our
year-long mentorship program.

Thanks to Amber's mix
of goofiness, truth-telling, wisdom, and loving accountability,
I self-published two books over the course of the year and am generating income from my work!!!! 

Lucy Claire Curran

My project was to step into getting my artwork seen and sold. I'm thrilled to have sold 5 sculptures, 5 small paintings and I have had 4 shows. I am so much more confident as an artist! Deep gratitude!

Julie Mae Pigott

When you open to Creative flow, Magic happens. Creative flow is your connection to Spirit.
It's what makes you Unique
Your Special sauce.

supports women to remove blocks
and open to their 
creative flow.

We support you to 
get your work in the world.

Write your book,
Launch the creative business,
Put together your body of work,
Make money using your creativity.

Think part coaching,
part mentorship, teachings, and in-person retreats.

Want to find out how to unleash your creative gifts
into the world and make
money doing it?

Amber helped me gain the confidence to lead 2 painting retreats, gain 4 private paid clients, create online videos, be interviewed, and offer regular weekly soul paint classes. I am also grateful for my goddess paintings which I am truly proud of. Thank you Amber!

~ Lara Printz

Come Connect with yourself on the unleashed Journey and

UNLEASH your creativity and intuition

through a FREE at home retreat...

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  • 1
    I raised llamas as a kid and won Junior Grand Champion at the California State Fair.
  • 2
    I danced hula for 10 years, and danced on the Merrie Monarch stage (think Olympics of Hula).
  • 3
    I've got 2 boys (11 and 13), a husband named Tony, a dog, cat, bird, and fish... I'm in a house of boys.
  • 4
    I love reading big fat fantasy novels... like the 13 book series kind.
  • 5
    I once swam with a humpback whale by accident.
  • 6
    My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version) .
  • 7
    I've been an exchange student 3x... to Finland, Japan, and Mexico.
  • 8
    I started working out doing Crossfit because my boys wanted to work out as a family. I'm sore daily.
  • 9
    I was made but not raised in Hawaii.
  • 10

    I used to play the French horn in junior high and high school.


Woman Unleashed INC is dedicated to helping women
access their creative power and share it in the world.

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
Founder & CEO of Woman Unleashed

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici is the Founder, and CEO of Woman Unleashed. She mentors women to share their work and make money using their gifts through her live events and year long coaching programs. 

Amber is Host of the Woman Unleashed Retreats, an online event that has gathered over 60,000 women from around the world.

Her work has been featured in the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women and Women’s Rights, An Artists Perspective.

Using the feminine powers of intuition, creativity and embodiment, she mentors women to create the lives they desire and reawaken their radiance through her private and group mentorship programs.

She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her husband and 2 boys. When she’s not working, she enjoys painting, dancing hula and swimming with dolphins.

Elizabeth Foley
Woman Unleashed Coach and Teacher

Elizabeth Foley helps women experience more joy and fulfillment by learning to embrace their creativity. Elizabeth is masterful at helping women find ways to commit to daily practice no matter what they've got going on in their lives.

Elizabeth is an artist, potter, creativity coach, and certified Intentional Creativity Teacher. She is also the creator of The Art of Spiritual Living Online Retreat that helps thousands of women annually learn to use creativity to tune inward and create personal spiritual practices.

Elizabeth loves getting her hands dirty with clay, paint, ink and in the garden. If she isn’t in her studio you’ll find her climbing a mountain, making elaborate Lego creations with her son or relaxing in a hammock under a tree.

Lacey Johnson Rootness
Image Consultant and Photographer

Lacey helps with our images and marketing. She’s been a part of the Woman Unleashed Team since the beginning. She supports in-person events and offers lifestyle photography for our beloved clients. When she’s not working with us, she’s off with Amber's brother (she’s Amber's sister-in-law) and their cats and dog Libby or shooting a wedding.

Mirabai Galashan
Community Director

Mirabai is a therapist, coach and workshop facilitator who provides inspirational and transformative support to empower people to live fully, fearlessly and joyfully. Mirabai has over 20 years experience creating and leading women’s circles focused on creativity, spirituality and success. Mirabai lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and moonlights as a mermuse and wild dolphin whisperer.

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into the world and make money doing it?


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